Friday Night Funkin Coloring Book

Here we will meet the characters in coloring pages from the game for kids which is: Friday Night Funkin - coloring pages online and printable. We will find many characters and we will have the opportunity to choose the one we want to color. This game was published by 4 characters from a site called Newgrounds. People who created it are: ninjamuffin99, Phantom Arcade, evilsk8r and Kawai Sprite. We encourage you to play along with us.

Friday Night Funkin from Ninjamuffin99

Ninjamuffin99 is the creator of this game thanks to which in fact was born coloring pages in which we will meet the heroes who appear in this game. We invite you ...

Angry Friday

Another of the characters that appeared on our portal printable where you can find several thousand images for children. It is here that you will get to know the characters that appear ...

Girlfriend FNF

The girl in this coloring book is the one our hero is fighting for in a rap battle. Open the picture and give it some cool musical colors.

FNF for children

The new FNF coloring book comes from the increasingly popular game around the world. We've been raising money for it for two years now, and we've had to wait a long time...

Kickstarter game from the platform

It is thanks to Kickstarter that we have the opportunity to color this kind of picture. In it we see the main character who loves to sing. It is the singing competition on...

Boyfriend game character

We have the opportunity to color the characters from the game that not so long ago was completed and you will be able to play it completely for free. See how it looks ...


Friday night funkin

The first in this section a brand new coloring book for children from the super game that in kweitniu 2022 is to appear on the internet. Now we can ...

Information about coloring books

Friday Night Funkin - also referred to in the skin as FNF. It was created by Newgrounds users ninjamuffin99, PhantomArcade, evilsk8r, and KawaiSprite. The game was made by a group within the jam game, Ludum Dare 47, and has since gained a following for its unique Newgrounds-animation style art and funky music.

The plot is easy to follow; you play as Boyfriend (yes, that's his name), a blue-haired rapper, and Girlfriend. Her dad, Daddy Dearest is not fond of the main character in the game so he challenges her to a rapping contest so you have the right to continue dating her. It won't be easy to beat him, especially since he's a former rock star. Also, you have to work hard to get through and win the game.

The game can be found on both Newgrounds and for free. The developers plan to expand the game through updates with new tracks, levels, and characters. The game also has a significant modding community, allowing for many fan works built from the game's source code.

After releasing the first seven weeks, a paid version titled Friday Night Funkin': The Full-Ass Game was announced via Kickstarter on April 18, 2021. The game is expected to include local multiplayer, online integration, multiple player characters, proper modding support, artist collaborations, and countless other improvements. The game is expected to include 45 types of new material that was not anticipated in the base game, or 135 new tracks, and is scheduled for release in April 2022. Within three days of its announcement, it had already made $1,000,000. The fundraising was supposed to reach $60,000 at the beginning, but as you can see it has far surpassed that. The free version will be updated with some paid content after its release, but after the Kickstarter announcement.