Grizzy and the lemmings coloring pages

For kids cool Grizzy and the Lemings coloring pages we have a great opportunity to meet interesting animals and their friends who appear in this children's cartoon. If you are looking for other interesting pictures, just use the search icon to find the picture you want or choose from the list of categories. The next step is to choose a picture and color it.

Online coloring book Easter with Grizzy and the lemmings

Easter with Grizzly and lemmings

Easter eggs, bunnies, Easter holidays. This time our super team works together. Grizzly bear together with lemmings paints a huge...
Online coloring book Happy lemming

Happy lemming

Did you know that baby lemmings can sing lullabies to put our Grizzly bear to sleep? It's really amazing that such little...
Coloring Book Three Lemings for Kids

Three lemmings for children

Leming, lemming and more lemming. The little creatures love to play. Lemings with bright blue bellies, every day follow the rule:...
Online coloring book Joyful Leming from the fairy tale

Joyful fairy lemming

The nature of blue lemmings is joy, fun and immense happiness. They interfere with the bear's ability to rest and relax. The reason is one:...
Grizzy Bear online coloring book

Grizzly bear

Our favorite bear is annoyed again. I suspect that once again the little lemmings have their fault in this. Bear has...
Online coloring book Friends of Grizzy and the lemming

Grizzly and lemming friends

Although there is a conflict between them, they can be happy together. Color the happy bear and the little lemming. In the original fairy tale, the bear...


Grizzy Bear online coloring book for kids

Grizzly bear for kids

The bear looks very puzzled. Why do you think that is? I suspect it's the fault of the little blue-eyed lemmings again. They are for...
Online coloring book Grizzy and the lemmings cartoon

Grizzly and lemmings tale

"Grizzly and the lemmings" is a fairy tale that comes all the way from France. The entire action of the tale takes place in a Canadian park. Grizzly bear...
Online coloring book Grizzy and the lemmings

Grizzly and lemmings

Oh no! It's them again, the little lemmings whenever Grizzly bear rests and seeks relaxation, they do him a favor....

Big teddy bear

This bear is really quite big. He has lemmings to help him - but they don't always help him in his...

Interesting facts and information

The main characters of this film are Lemings. It may seem that they are not dangerous, but they love to have fun and that's all that matters to them. During this fun they can destroy practically everything that is near them. Their pack numbers over forty, they have an intelligence quotient the size of a pea and the personality of silly teenage pranksters. However, they are adept at solving the various problems they encounter along the way.

Set mainly in a nature reserve in Canada, this is where there is a small refuge of human civilization: the forester's house. When the owner is away, this cottage is willingly inhabited by Grizzy, who treats it as his home. It is in the forester's house that he can finally enjoy all the modern conveniences that seem to have been designed especially for him: TV, telephone as well as air conditioning, home cinema - which has over 100 different TV channels. He can also relax on the extremely comfortable sofa. While watching a movie, he can make himself popcorn thanks to a popcorn machine. Not to forget the well-equipped kitchen with delicious food and a sauna for relaxation.

It may seem that this bear will have no problem with small lemmings, but there are quite a few of them and they make his life as difficult as they can. For these animals in question are quite numerous. And they really know how to work as a team and fight with our Grizzy. If you don't feel like watching all episodes of these animals' adventures, we encourage you to color pictures for children with characters from this wonderful fairy tale. You will find practically all characters that you can color completely for free.