The Legend of Korra Coloring Book

Discover the magic of manga and anime thanks to this category. This is where you will find Legend of Korra coloring pages with cheerful characters and wonderful fighting warriors. It is up to you whether you want to stay here or maybe test other sections that our portal guarantees you. You have a very large number of pictures. More than 10 thousand wonderful and cool pictures are waiting for you. Have fun with us and color them every day.

Bakugan boy

Online Coloring Book Bakugan Boy
Have you ever watched the animated series Bakugan Battle Planet? If so, you must know that the picture shows a character from that anime....

Ninja from Beyblade

Online coloring book Ninja from Beyblade
If you are a loyal fan of the anime Beyblade, then you definitely know who the boy in this picture is. If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet ...

Animal from The Legend of Korra

Online coloring book Animal from The Legend of Korra
And what is that adorable animal peering back at you? Isn't it a character from the animated series The Legend of Korra? If you're a loyal fan of his, then...

A brave fairy tale character

Online coloring book Walczena fairy tale character
The girl from the animated series The Legend of Korra is in a good mood today. Her face is beaming with joy. The figure is peeking at you as if to invite you...

Zen Master

Online Coloring Book Zen Master
And what is the funny man in this picture? Isn't he the Zen master from the animated series The Legend of Korra? Of course it is....

The Legend of Korra

Online coloring book The Legend of Korra
Do you already know how to count? If so, you probably know that there are four characters in this picture. All four are characters from the famous TV series...


Online coloring book The Girl from the Legend of Korra

The Girl from the Legend of Korra

Do you know who is in the picture below? She is a character from the very popular animated series The Legend of Korra. The girl...
Online coloring book Hero from The Legend of Korra

Hero from The Legend of Korra

This picture features a character from the cartoon The Legend of Korra. Sitting on his right shoulder is a furry friend whose man...

The Legend of Korra

A girl who can fight quite bravely against many enemies encountered on her way. The picture shows her in...
Naruto Hyuga Hinata coloring book to print online

Hyuga Hinata

A dark girl from an anime series. However, she has a gentle soul and if no one makes her angry, she's not dangerous....

Anime Coloring Book

Do you know these characters? You certainly do. This is another coloring book from the Anime series that is waiting for you to...

Goku from Dragon Ball Z

This immeasurably fast and positive fighter is very often found in skirmishes with evil heroes. Surely you have had to deal with...

Sailor Moon princesses

These girls from the anime cartoon are ready to be colored just by you. Just choose which colors you ...

Anime Warrior Boy

Another character for the collection in this section. Dedicated primarily to boys who have their own cartoons in this genre.

The Legend of Korra - coloring pages and trivia

Some information about this American animated series. It is in the climate of Avatar, it is its continuation. For the first time we had a chance to watch it in 2012 on the Nickelodeon channel. A little history of this adventure which began more than 70 years after Avatar. Here the main character Korra loves danger and fight without which she can not imagine her life. She wants to take over the whole world. How it ends you have to watch all the episodes of the series because we don't want to tell you the ending. In your free time you can of course choose a coloring book and paint the characters from it.

The characters that appear in the children's series

  1. Korra this girl is the main character of this series. She loves to learn and learns new martial arts easily. Sometimes she can rebel and go her unusual way to her goal. She has an unusual pet which is a dog and a polar bear named Naga.
  2. Mako is a boy who is a mage. He grew up all his childhood on the streets of Republic City with his younger brother Bolin. He is quite tall and slim and handsome. He is a policeman. The main members of Team Avatar are: - Korra, Mako, Bolin and Asami - mark their alliance.
  3. Bolin is a boy who, along with his brother Mako, befriends Korra. He loves martial arts and duels with his enemies. He always finds a way out of a situation. Sometimes even the one with no way out.