Thor Coloring Book

Meet more characters from various superhero movies and comics. This time a well-known and loved by all character. In this category everyone will find interesting Thor coloring pages - we will see what he looks like and learn his interesting facts. Many interesting pictures appear in many sections on this portal with free pictures to print and color online. See them and have a great time together with us all the days of the week. Choose and add to your favorites the pictures you like.

Thor warrior with a hammer

Warrior Thor coloring book with a hammer
Thor is a warrior who, thanks to his hammer, is very valiant. Paint his cape red, and his armor. Good luck.

Thor warrior in the city

Warrior Thor coloring book in the city
Thor came to earth to protect mankind, and with his hammer he is invincible. Add some color to this picture.

Thor from the cartoon

Printable cartoon Thor coloring book
Thor is a fierce warrior. In his hand he wields a hammer that gives him strength and the ability to fly. Paint him, but be careful, don't go beyond the lines.

Thor from the fairy tale

Thor coloring book from the fairy tale
Your task will be to paint the fabulous Thor, the Norse God. You can use such colors as you want. You can give this picture to a loved one and say that....

Thor fights in the city

Thor fights in the city printable coloring book
If you look closely you will notice Thor, fighting some powerful beast. The situation being played out takes place in the city. Help Thor, grab your crayons and....

Thor children's cartoon character

Thor coloring book cartoon character for kids
The hero depicted here is called Thor. He wields his axe in his hand, which is one of the most powerful mythical weapons. The hero himself wears a cape and...


Thor and his friends

Thor and his friends coloring book
In the picture we see the warriors unleashed. They are preparing to attack. Among them we can spot Thor, who leads them into battle. Give them courage and...

Superhero Thor

Superhero Thor Coloring Book
Thor has super powers, he can fly and protect people. Be like him, he has his hammer and you have your crayons. Together you can save the people.

Thor's Hammer

Thor hammer coloring book to print
Thor's hammer is invincible in battle. It can fly and only Thor can lift it. Paint your hammer.

Lego human Thor

Lego Human Thor Coloring Book to Print
Lego makes figures from various fairy tales and movies. This time it's Thor. He has a helmet, cape and looks like a very strong lego man.

King Thor

King Thor Coloring Book
Thor is a strong God. He comes from Valhalla. In his hand he wields the hammer Mjolner. Only she has the strength to hold him and summon him from afar. Paint the picture...

Thor hero for boys

Thor hero coloring book for boys
Thor is a mythical figure, he has superpowers, and his hammer has great power. Only Thor can raise it. Give him strength with your colored pencils.

The character Thor from the movie

Printable Thor character coloring book from the movie
Many movies have been made about the fighting Thor, the monster slayer. With his strength and magic hammer, he can easily defeat monsters. He has his hammer, and you...

Comic book warrior for kids

Comic book warrior coloring book for kids to print
Comic books are stories that depict superheroes, among other things. The one shown in the picture you are to paint is Thor. He's a god. But he came to earth to disable...

Fighting warrior with a hammer

Coloring Book Fighting Warrior with Hammer
That fighting warrior with the hammer is Thor. He is a superhero. He has defeated many villains and monsters. Now he is flying to another battle, give him encouragement. Color exactly...

Thor from Lego

Printable Thor coloring book from Lego
Lego are small toys that can be themed. This time the lego man represents Thor, the Norse god. On his head he has a special helmet, on his neck he is tied...

Thor and his magic hammer

Thor and his magic hammer printable coloring book
Thor is very brave. He fights and defends his world, without fear. And his powerful and magical hammer helps him to do it. Help him by adding...

Thor for kids

Thor coloring book for kids to print
Thor is a Norse God who had plenty of strength, and with his hammer wielding hand, he was invincible. His helmet and cape gave him courage...

Tarz Thora

Tarz Thor printable coloring book for kids
Thor is a Norse god who is depicted as a handsome man with long and shiny hair. He has a special helmet on his head. It served him as a protection...

Thor's Hammer

Thor hammer printable coloring book for boys
Thor's hammer is his secret weapon. This hammer is not ordinary, but divine, sent straight from the realm of Midgard. This hammer had unimaginable strength, able to...

Marvel Thor

Marvel Thor printable coloring book
Have you seen the Marvel companies about Torah? It's a movie about a superhero who is a Norse god. His story is connected to Norse mythology. His costume, his hammer...

Lego Thor Man

Printable Lego Thor Human Coloring Book
Hmmm, I wonder who this Lego figurine represents. I think it's a superhero. Don't you think? He has a long cape and a huge hammer in his hand. I think it's Thor! Grab...

Heroes of Thor

Thor has become a very popular fairy tale in recent times. If you have not yet had the opportunity to meet its characters is a great opportunity, because in today's picture...

Thor trivia and coloring pages

Thor - he comes from a race of Asgardians - inhabits the planet Asgard or the so-called Eternal Kingdom. Our hero in this category is the son of Odin who is the king of the land of Asgard. This character is particularly liked by the Vikings. He is distinguished in particular by the unique hammer Uru - only he can fight with it thanks to his energy. No one else is able to lift it from the ground, let alone fight with it. I do not know if you know but it is Thor is one of the members of the Avengers.


  1. Mythological Origins: Thor is a character from Norse mythology. He is the son of Odin, the king of the gods, and Jordy, the goddess of Earth. Marvel Comics has adopted this character and made him one of the superheroes of its universe.
  2. The Great Hammer: Thor's hammer, Mjölnir, has extraordinary powers that include control over lightning and storms. According to Norse mythology, only a worthy person can lift Mjölnir.
  3. Turning into Donald Blake: In Marvel comics, Thor was for a time turned into a mortal man named Donald Blake. This was a kind of punishment imposed by his father, Odin, to teach Thor humility.
  4. Thor as a woman: At one point in the comics, Mjölnir was picked up by a woman later identified as Jane Foster, Thor's longtime love. For a time, she was the new Thor.
  5. Membership in Avengers: Thor is one of the founders of the Avengers, Marvel's superhero group that includes characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, and the Hulk.
  6. Brothers: Loki, who is often portrayed as an evil antagonist, is Thor's foster brother. In Norse mythology, Loki is a more complex character who plays a variety of roles.
  7. Ragnarok: In Norse mythology, Ragnarok is an apocalyptic series of events that lead to the destruction of the gods and the world. In Marvel comics, "Ragnarok" is also the title of one of the comic series about Thor.
  8. Other incarnations: Thor has had several different incarnations in Marvel comics. In addition to the traditional image, there was also, among others, "Beta Ray Bill" and "Throg" - a version of Thor being a frog.
  9. Movie versions: Thor has been played by actor Chris Hemsworth in a series of Marvel Cinematic Universe films. The first Thor movie, simply titled "Thor," premiered in 2011.
  10. Relatives in comics: In Marvel comics, Thor also has a sister, Hela, who is the goddess of death. This character was introduced in the 2017 film "Thor: Ragnarok," where she was played by Cate Blanchett.


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