Tsum Tsum Coloring Book

Tsum Tsum is a line of toys, games and accessories created by the Japanese company Disney.

Tiger mascot

coloring book tiger mascot
Do you know who is in this picture? That's right, it is Tigger. If you are a faithful fan of the Winnie-the-Pooh fairy tale, you certainly know...

Tsum Tsum with horns

Printable coloring book Tsum Tsum with horns
This Tsum Tsum game character looks quite menacing. However, don't be fooled by her stern expression. In fact, she is very friendly....

A figure with a bow

coloring book character with a bow
Minnie Mouse is looking very cute today. However, she has a rather sad face, because she has not been colored yet. If you want, you can improve the mood of this cute character....

The post Tsum Tsum

Printable Tsum Tsum character coloring book
You can meet such a version of Piglet from the Winnie the Pooh fairy tale only in the Tsum Tsum mobile game. Surely you have noticed that Piglet carefully...

Tsum Tsum characters

Printable Tsum Tsum characters coloring book
But a lovely picture! Surely you have noticed that there are a lot of cute characters on it and a whole lot of flowers. To color the picture, use such colors,...

Tsum Tsum mascot dog

Coloring book dog mascot Tsum Tsum
Coloring is quite a challenge. However, it will be very pleasant, because a very cute picture is waiting for you. It features a cheerful dog with...


printable mascot coloring book


Doesn't this mascot sometimes remind you of someone? Surely you recognized Eeyore. However, he doesn't look exactly like ...
Tsum Tsum mascot coloring book

Tsum Tsum Mascot

Do you recognize the character located in this picture? That's right, it is Mickey Mouse. This is the version of this well-known character....
Printable Tsum Tsum mascot coloring book

Tsum Tsum Mascot

Any faithful fan of the Tsum Tsum game knows that it is the origin of the character featured in this image....
Printable princess coloring book with fairy tale


Look at what a lovely princess is in this picture. However, this is no ordinary princess. The one you can admire...


Origins: Tsum Tsum appeared in Japan in 2013 as collectible plush toys with a soft and round shape. They quickly gained popularity and became an international phenomenon.

Appearance: Tsum Tsum have a characteristic round shape and are available in different sizes. They depict characters from Disney movies and other productions.

Mobile Games: The popularity of Tsum Tsum has contributed to the creation of mobile games of the same name. In the games, players chain together colorful characters to score points.

Collecting: Tsum Tsum have become collector's items, and their variety and limited editions attract lovers to collect different versions of the characters.

Influence on Popular Culture: Tsum Tsum have become a symbol of popular culture, appearing in movies, TV shows and other media.

Cooperation with Disney: Tsum Tsum is an official line of Disney products, which means they were created in collaboration with Disney.

Round Shapes: Tsum Tsum's round shapes have an adorable and friendly appearance, which attracts both children and adults.

Recognition: Tsum Tsum have become so recognizable that the term "tsum tsum" has become a synonym for describing round characters in Japanese.

Product Line Expansion: In addition to plush toys and games, the Tsum Tsum product line also includes accessories, clothing, bags and other items related to Disney characters.

Global Popularity Growth: What began as a Japanese toy has quickly gained popularity around the world, attracting Disney fans and creative toy enthusiasts.


  1. Name Inspired by Japanese Sound: The name "Tsum Tsum" comes from the Japanese sound "tsumu tsumu," which means "to apply densely" or "to pack into a small space." This refers to the way the characters are stacked in the Tsum Tsum line.
  2. First Appearance in Mobile Game: The idea for Tsum Tsum was born in the mobile game of the same name. The game involves chaining characters together to score as many points as possible.
  3. Round Shapes for All: Although the original Tsum Tsums had round shapes, over time the product line has expanded to include characters of various shapes, including more traditional ones.
  4. Numerous Thematic Collections: Tsum Tsum are often released in themed collections related to Disney movies, holidays or other occasions. This makes it possible for collectors to have a variety of characters.
  5. Popularity on Instagram: Tsum Tsum has become very popular on Instagram, where fans show off their collections and create creative character compositions.
  6. Disney Product Lines: Tsum Tsum have become so popular that Disney has incorporated them into various areas of its product line, including toys, clothing, accessories and even a line of makeup products.
  7. Special Versions for Christmas: Tsum Tsum are often released in special versions related to holidays such as Christmas or Halloween. This makes them the perfect gift for a variety of occasions.
  8. Famous Tsum Tsum Fans: Many celebrities and famous people are known for their love of Tsum Tsum. Some of them like to share photos of their collections on social media.
  9. Tsum Tsum Animated Episodes: Disney also created a series of short animated episodes called "Tsum Tsum," in which the characters come to life in a playful way.
  10. Uncommon Uses: Some creative designers use Tsum Tsum to create original artwork, prepare ornaments or other decorations.
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