Ultraman Coloring Book

The main character you probably already know very well, who comes from the Japanese series. In this section you will have the opportunity to color many wonderful pictures, which depict precisely this extraordinary superhero, who all the time helps people in need. Choose one of the many available colored pictures and start your adventure with coloring with crayons. 

Fighting characters

Online Coloring Book Fighting Characters
This time Ultraman is not alone. During the fight, he needed help. Unfortunately, someone took away all the color that would allow them to fight. Once again, they need your...

Ultraman as warrior

Online coloring book Ultraman as a warrior
A hero is a person who has distinguished himself by extraordinary deeds, bravery and help to others. This is the official definition of a hero. In my opinion, Ultraman definitely fits...

Ultraman and the building

Ultraman and building online coloring book
Ultraman has saved many people. In this coloring book we see him in the background of a large building. Perhaps once again something very bad is happening and he needs to ...

Ultramen cartoon

Online coloring book Cartoon Ultramen
Ultraman is the main character, a Japanese cartoon designed for children of all ages. With a mix of action, adventure, and science fiction, "Ultraman" can attract and...

Flying fairy tale hero

Online Coloring Book Flying Fairy Tale Hero
Ultraman in the next installment. Did you know that this cartoon character can fly? How fast do you think he can do it? Coloring book perfect for boys in...

The character Ultraman

Online coloring book Character Ultraman
Cartoon hero Ultraman in a fighting stance, ready for battle. Give him colors to enhance his strength. Coloring book perfect for boys as well as for little ones....


Flying Ultraman on a mission

Online coloring book Flying Ultraman on a mission
Meet this unique superhero who fights all the time against the forces of evil. Color the character, we can do it in two ways. The first is the online option which is...

Ultraman - coloring book information

The Japanese series can be safely said to be a continuation of the previously created Ultra Q. On the other hand, it is the first film broadcast in which the unusual character of our main character appears. It belongs to the tokusatsu genre and in the country from which it originated it is considered a cult and very popular. Ultraman is an extremely clever character. He was able to outwit his team and many enemies. However, he is not a patient and understanding person, as he often resorts to aggression. We encourage everyone to watch the episodes of this manga and anime.

The character was designed by Tohl Narita along with Narita, Kymio Sasaki, who was the graphic designer, was asked to replicate the work by molding clay, resulting in the mask and body of our hero. The costume was created based on the model of Bin Furuya, who was the original recreation of Ultraman's costume. So far, three Ultraman suits have been created - two of which are featured in this section of Ultraman coloring books for boys.