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Freddy Krueger Coloring Book

Freddy Krueger is a character from a movie called Nightmare with Freddy Krueger. He is a serial killer who attacks victims during their dreams and using blades on his leather glove. He has appeared in nine sequels and many remakes and adaptations.

Freddy Krueger trivia and history

Freddy Krueger is often considered one of the most feared antagonists in the history of cinema. He has a particularly strong connection to the fear of sleep and the dreams they exploit from childhood. Most of his victims are children who live in Elm Street, where Krueger deployed his gruesome pranks. He is still a popular figure in pop culture, and has even become one of the most recognizable movie villains of all time.

The story of Freddy Krueger is often linked to the actual serial killer, Fred Kruemer. He had a three-headed wrench and a leather glove, similar to the one used by the hero. Krueger was a character that screenwriter and producer Wes Craven created for his 1984 film Nightmare on Elm Street. His actual story begins in the fictional town of Springwood, Ohio, where he was a wanted criminal. For years he sowed fear among local children, until he was finally murdered by the townspeople, who burned him alive. However, it turned out that Krueger's ghost still exists, and his goal is to take revenge on those who killed him.


1 Freddy Krueger is named after Fred Kruemer, an actual serial killer.
2 Director Wes Craven assigned Krueger a name in honor of one of his professional colleagues who treated him very well.
3. Freddy Krueger had his own video game, which was available for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1989.
4 The Krueger leather glove consists of 14 knives.
5. Krueger has characteristic humor and often laughs at his victims.
6. Freddy Krueger became so popular that he appeared in many cartoons, comic books and games.
7 In 2004, Krueger received the "Most Iconic Character" award at the Horror Icon Awards.
8. Krueger had his own Lego minifigure.
9 His distinctive red sweater quickly became a pop culture symbol.
The 10th Krueger returns in each successive season of films to confront his victims again.

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