Coloring Pages Among Us

"Among Us" is an online multiplayer game developed by the American studio Innersloth.

Characters and people from Among Us

Play along with us - of course, before you choose interesting coloring pages and paint them with crayons in different colors or grab the paints with which we can ...

Buildings from the game

The big figure that is behind these buildings comes from a multiplayer game for kids that practically all of you know. In the foreground we can see...

Unicorn - Among US

Another fun - the character from the multiplayer game just becomes a unicorn. Surely the picture will look interesting if only we give it a lot of colors. On...

Multiplayer game character

Another picture we have to color on the portal - this time we move to the world of games. This is the game called among us...

Among Us - Christmas

Even in this game holidays come and duels are suspended for this period. This is exactly the case in this picture where we see a beautifully decorated Christmas tree....

Spaceman and space rover

We see two characters in the picture. The first one is an alien who is looking ahead. Next to him is a Martian rover. It is perfect for...


Spacecraft Among US

Another visit to space this time a space crew member went on a space walk. He is connected by a spacesuit to the ship of his crew so that he can...

Viking crewmates

We will see on the picture characters crewmates from the game that is gaining popularity around the world. They perform all kinds of tasks and must watch out for...

Among us fnf

This time we see many characters from the game in which we also play characters from the FNF series. This picture shows us a rocket taking off...

Among us impostor

Another of the characters who is an impostor in this game. It is the impostor's job to create havoc and work on behalf of the opposing team so they don't...

Among Us Spiderman

To color another of the characters from this multiplayer game. If you never had the opportunity to try it, we highly recommend each of you to ...


  1. Game Type: "Among Us" is an online multiplayer game in which players are crew members of a spaceship, space station or similar structure.
  2. Tasks and Sabotage: Most players are given crew roles and must perform various tasks on the map, while one or two players are assigned as "Cheaters" and must sabotage tasks and eliminate other players without being discovered.
  3. Discussions and Voting: When a body is found, players can report it and then discuss and vote on who they think is the cheater. The cheater must try to deceive the other players and avoid detection.
  4. Maps: Various maps are available in Among Us, each with a unique layout and set of tasks. They include spaceships, space stations and planetary bases.
  5. Communications: The game requires coordinated communication between players. It is often played using voice chat, such as Discord, to facilitate discussions.
  6. Popularity in Streaming: "Among Us" has gained great popularity on streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, making it a well-known cultural phenomenon.
  7. Availability: The game is available on a variety of platforms, including Windows PCs, iOS and Android mobile devices, and the Nintendo Switch console.
  8. Updates and Development: Innersloth is actively developing the game, introducing new maps, quests and features to keep the community interested.
  9. Impact of Pandemic: The popularity of Among Us grew significantly during the COVID-19 pandemic, when many people were looking for ways to interact and play with friends remotely.
  10. Prizes and Awards: "Among Us" has won many awards and accolades, including The Game Awards for best multiplayer game in 2020.


  1. Unexpected Return: Although Among Us was released in 2018, the game did not gain real popularity until the middle period of 2020. The sudden surge of interest was largely driven by streamers and YouTubers.
  2. Team Innersloth: Studio Innersloth, which created Among Us, consists of just three people: Forest Willard, Marcus Bromander and Amy Liu.
  3. Sequel Cancelled: In response to the unexpected success of Among Us, Innersloth initially announced a sequel to the game. However, they canceled those plans shortly thereafter to focus on improving the original game and adding new features.
  4. Communications: Although Among Us requires coordination and communication between players, it originally had no built-in voice chat. Many players used third-party apps, such as Discord, for coordination.
  5. Inspirations: The game's developers admitted that they were inspired by social games such as "Mafia" or "Werewolves," where players have to determine who among them is the opponent.
  6. Animated Series: Due to the popularity of the game, plans have been made to create an animated series based on Among Us.
  7. Popularity among politicians: "Among Us" has become so popular that some politicians, including Congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, played it live on the Twitch platform to promote voting in the 2020 U.S. elections.
  8. Procedural Variables: Although the map in Among Us is fixed, the tasks for players are different each time the game starts. The cheat also has access to different sabotages depending on the map.
  9. Memes and Internet Culture: The success of "Among Us" has contributed to a number of memes, jokes and references in Internet culture.
  10. Language of Flowers: One of the more interesting aspects of the game is how players communicate. Often abbreviations and specific language are used, such as "sus" (suspect) or "vent" (vent that crooks can move).
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