Coloring by number easy and simple


Colors by instruction smiling lion

Coloring book colors by instructions smiling lion
The lion is one of the most important animals, as it is said to be the king of the jungle or the king of all animals. It has a very lush mane and an extremely loud...

Colors as per instructions triangles

coloring book colors by instructions triangles
A triangle is a very interesting figure. As the name suggests, it is a geometric figure that has three sides and three angles. It is quite sharply ...

Colors by wheel instructions

coloring book colors by wheel instructions
What does this shape remind you of? Maybe some kind of ball. Or it could be a planet. The circle is present in our lives in many different places. We can make them...

Colors by fish instructions

coloring book colors by fish instructions
Fish are one of the most beautiful animal species. As you know they live underwater and there they have all their land. Most fish live by coral reefs,...

Colors by fruit instructions

coloring book colors by fruit instructions
Fruit is a very important element in everyone's diet. For all meals of the day, a fruit or vegetable should appear on the plate....

Colors according to the instructions of the train

coloring book colors by instructions train
Trains are one of the highly developed means of transportation. They allow travel throughout the country as well as abroad. It is quite convenient and...


coloring book colors by rhombus instructions

Colors by rhombus instructions

A rhombus is a very strange shape. It is a quadrilateral that has all sides of equal, equal length-just like a square. Therefore.
coloring book colors by circle instructions

Colors by wheel instructions

Have you ever noticed how many circles we see every day throughout the day? First look at at breakfast-the standard plate is round, the slice...
coloring book colors by instructions snowman

Colors by snowman instructions

One of the many symbols of winter is the snowman. Everyone during this period, once the snow has fallen, must at least once go...
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