Peppa Pig Coloring Pages

This heroine doesn't have to be introduced to anyone, because surely you have watched the cartoon with this piggy more than once. In this section you will find many interesting coloring pages with characters from this animated adventure. You can color online on our website or print a coloring page and color it with traditional crayons. The choice is yours 🙂 .


Peppa Pig from the cartoon

Large size picture that does not contain small elements. Perfect for coloring by younger people who visit our porstal with printables for children. See also...

Birthday party at the pigs' house

birthday in the house of pigs coloring book online
The main character is celebrating her next birthday today, which is held in the family house. Our task will be to choose the right colors of crayons and then we have to carefully...

Daddy and Piggy feed the birds

daddy and piggy feed the birds coloring book online
It comes autumn and then winter - two most difficult periods for birds, during which it is very common for them to get food. That is why during these periods it is worth to give them...

The school bus on its way to school

school bus on the way to school coloring book printable
This is the bus the pigs use to get to school every day. The driver picks them up from just outside their homes and drives them right to the school door....

Pigs play on the computer

pigs play on the computer coloring book
The era of computer games has also reached the fairy pigs. Since there is a computer in their room I can sit in their room all day long...

The family of the pig generation

pig family coloring book online
This one picture expresses more than a thousand words, because it shows a family of pigs, from the oldest generation, in this case the grandfather of the pigs, to the youngest...

Peppa on ice cream

peppa on ice cream coloring book online
On hot days everyone likes to have a cold ice-cream to cool down their bodies. And so does Peppa Pig, who today went to...

Peppa and friends go on a train

This time we move to the railroad tracks on which trains move, of course. As you can see in the picture one of the trains is moving along with a piggy...

Peppa Pig and her family at the beach

Peppa Pig with her family at the beach coloring book to print
As the summer vacations came and it was hot, Peppa Pig and her family decided to go to the seaside to spend a few days of vacation in an interesting and active way. On...

Peppa Pig Christmas

peppa piggy christmas coloring book printable
Christmas time is here at our Peppy Pig's house. She has a Christmas tree at home with a star on top, lights hanging on the wall and presents. Little Peppa...

Peppa Pig with Ice Cream

peppa pig with ice cream coloring book to print
Drawn in this picture is a pig named Peeppe along with his little brother George. The two little pigs are eating ice cream for themselves in the backyard. While the sun is shining beautifully....

Peppa Pig Fairy

peppa pig fairy coloring book to print
The picture shows Peppe the pig while playing as a fairy. We can recognize it by its crown, wings and magic wand. Have you ever played fairy? A fairy is...

Peppa Pig Dressing the Christmas Tree

peppa piggy dressing the christmas tree coloring book to print
Christmas is associated by everyone with different traditions and dishes, but the most popular tradition is dressing the Christmas tree and presents. In the picture you can see Peppe Pig...

Papa Peppa Pig

papa peppa pig coloring book printable
Shown in the picture are Peppy Pig's dad and her brother George. Do you know when the first episode of Peppy Pig was broadcast? It is a British television series, a...

Peppa Pig with a kitten

peppa pig with kitten coloring book to print
You can see little Peppe Pig in the picture, who is currently playing with her kitty. Do you have a toy cat of your own? Color the visible cartoon character together with...

Peppa Pig Fun

peppa pig fun coloring book to print
Do you like to play with your friends? That's just like Peppa Pig. We can see that they are just playing in the sandbox with their favorite toys, because on...

Peppa Pig in the Car

peppa pig in the car coloring book to print
Peppa Pig and her whole family are travelling somewhere by car. Where do you think they are going? Maybe they are going to her grandparents for dinner, or to a family...

Peppa Pig's birthday

peppa pig birthday coloring book printable
You see in the picture in front of you Peppa Pig along with three balloons and a small birthday whistle. Did you watch the episode when Peppa celebrated her birthday?...

Peppa Pig George

peppa pig george coloring book to print
Seen in the picture is little pig George, he is the brother of Peppy Pig. The visible piggy is currently playing with his favorite toy dinosaur. Do you like watching this cartoon?...

Peppa Pig on a bike

peppa pig on a bike coloring book to print
The picture shows Peppe the pig currently riding a bicycle. And your favorite physical activity is what sport? Do you like cycling or...

Peppa Pig and her friends on the carousel

peppa pig and her friends on the carousel coloring page printable
The picture shows peppa piggy with her friends while playing on the carousel. We can name: Peppa Pig, her brother George, Candy Cat, Rabbit...

Peppa Pig plays games

peppa piggy game coloring book printable
In the picture shown, we see a peppe pig sitting on his lap at his mother pig's lap. They are sitting on a small chair at a desk and...

Peppa Pig whole family and friends

peppa pig whole family and friends coloring page printable
Do you know all the characters from the cartoon Peppa Pig? How many characters can you recognize and name? Color them all by choosing new...

Peppa Pig plays ball

peppa piggy ball game coloring book to print
Peppa Pig's mom has enrolled her in a soccer class. Peppa has never played the game, so she's excited to have the opportunity to...

Peppa Pig with a gift for her birthday

peppa piggy with gift for birthday coloring book printable
Peppa Pig is celebrating her 10th birthday today. She just got a dream gift from her parents. Color the picture. The balloons you see in the background should be different different from each other...

Rainy Weather Peppa Pig with Umbrella

rainy weather peppa pig with umbrella coloring page printable
Peppa Pig and her brother really wanted to play outside. Unfortunately, as soon as they got outside, it started raining and they returned home unhappy....

Peppa Pig reads a book

peppa piggy reads a book printable coloring book
Peppa got a book from her mother that she had been dreaming about. She really wanted to read it because she had heard from her friend that it told the story of the elves who...

Peppa Pig Christmas

peppa piggy christmas coloring book printable
Peppa Pig and her friend built their new friend out of snow while playing outside. Color the picture. Remember that the snowman is made of...

Mama Peppa Pig

mama peppa pig coloring book printable
Peppy Pig's mom is going on a winter ski trip with her family. She has just returned from the store where she bought herself a new jacket, hat, scarf,...

Halloween peppa pig

halloween peppa pig coloring book to print
Peppa Pig and her brother love Halloween because they can dress up and pretend to be a witch and a bat. Take a look at the picture. How many items related to...

Granny Peppa Pig

grandma peppa pig coloring book printable
Peppy Pig's grandmother went to a new store with beautiful hats. Color the picture. Do you remember what Grandma Peppy's dress was? Orange. Match the hat that...

The main character is a 6 - year old piggy who just loves to play. She can play for days with her friends whom she just adores. . He lives with his little brother who is called George is a year younger than our main character. He usually appears dressed in a distinctive blue sweatshirt. He almost always plays with his dinosaur. He is often unhappy and sad, which makes him cry very often in stories.

Their parents also live in the family home together with their siblings, which is, of course, what we are talking about here:

Mama Piggy - in the fairy tale is twenty-six years old, always has a birthday, and always goes around wearing an orange dress.

Daddy Piggy - Peppy's dad is twenty-nine years old and his distinctive feature is a large round belly.

The family of pigs is much bigger, of course you will get to know them later in this description. Peppa Pig has a cousin that she likes very much and her name is Chloe In some fairy tales she is called Carolina. 

The cousin lives with her piggy cousin, who is called Little Alexander. Uncle and Aunt Piggy also live in the same house. Just like every child, the little piggy also has grandparents, who in the animated adventure are called Grandma and Grandpa Piggy.

The main characters of this fairy tale have already been mentioned above, but as you well know there are many more, which of course especially for you in a few words we tried to briefly characterize and describe in two words.

Other characters:

Rebecca - This is a rabbit that Peppa likes very much. She is always dressed with a turquoise vest and she really likes to eat carrots.

Richard - Rebecca's brother is currently five years old. Usually dressed in a dark blue,purple jumpsuit.

Rosie and Robby - are also rabbits that are twins of the above siblings.

In addition to these characters, there are even more in the tale that you may not be familiar with, as they appear very rarely in this animated adventure. Some of them have only appeared literally a few times in all the episodes since the beginning of the series and they are: Mama Rabbit, Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit, Grandpa and Grandma, Daddy, Mama and Grandpa Dog.

Characters can also be divided into individual pet names:

Candy- loves to play with girls, does not tolerate small crying animals
Mama Cat - not afraid of new challenges, likes to start new adventures and then remember them
Mr. Cat - a typical black cat that we can meet very often when crossing the road

Pedro is a good friend of our main character. He has glasses and very much enjoys taking care of other animals.
Mr. Pony- unlike Pedro, he does not wear eyeglasses because he still has good eyesight.

Mama kangaroo - mommy of the little kangaroo that is still in her belly
Joey - he's still in mommy's tummy
Kylie - the future sister of yet-to-be-born kangaroo Joey, who is in mom's belly

Delfina,Didier,Mama donkey,Daddy donkey are all a happy family of adorable donkeys.


Peppa, despite her young age (six years old) is a very loud and energetic piggy. She could play all the time and she is never tired. On the contrary, when she finishes one game with her friends, she wants to play again. She is often very stubborn, but when she knows that she has done something wrong, for example, offended someone, she immediately apologizes to the other person. She loves her family very much and she can't imagine her life without them.

Interesting facts about the mumps

  • Of all the dishes, he likes to eat Spaghetti the most
  • Her favorite dessert is fruit jelly
  • She likes Suzy the most out of all her friends Sheep
  • She has her own pet goldfish Goldie
  • Her favorite animal is an elephant
  • For breakfast he likes to eat cereal with milk and orange juice