Peppa Pig Coloring Pages

"Peppa Pig" (the original "Peppa Pig") is a British animated series created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker. The series is mainly aimed at preschool children and tells the adventures of the titular Peppa Pig and her family and friends. "Peppa Pig" has gained immense popularity around the world thanks to its simple, colorful animation style and educational content that helps children learn basic skills such as counting, recognizing shapes and colors, as well as life values.

Peppa Pig from the cartoon

Large size picture that does not contain small elements. Perfect for coloring by younger people who visit our porstal with printables for children. See also...

Birthday party at the pigs' house

birthday in the house of pigs coloring book online
The main character is celebrating her next birthday today, which is held in the family house. Our task will be to choose the right colors of crayons and then we have to carefully...

Daddy and Piggy feed the birds

daddy and piggy feed the birds coloring book online
It comes autumn and then winter - two most difficult periods for birds, during which it is very common for them to get food. That is why during these periods it is worth to give them...

The school bus on its way to school

school bus on the way to school coloring book printable
This is the bus the pigs use to get to school every day. The driver picks them up from just outside their homes and drives them right to the school door....

Pigs play on the computer

pigs play on the computer coloring book
The era of computer games has also reached the fairy pigs. Since there is a computer in their room I can sit in their room all day long...

The family of the pig generation

pig family coloring book online
This one picture expresses more than a thousand words, because it shows a family of pigs, from the oldest generation, in this case the grandfather of the pigs, to the youngest...


peppa on ice cream coloring book online

Peppa on ice cream

In hot weather everyone likes to eat a cold ice cream to cool down their body. So does Piggy...

Peppa and friends go on a train

This time we move to the railroad tracks on which trains move, of course. As you can see in the picture one of the...
Peppa Pig with her family at the beach coloring book to print

Peppa Pig and her family at the beach

It's vacation time and hot days are coming, Peppa Pig and her family decide to go to the seaside for a fun and...
peppa piggy christmas coloring book printable

Peppa Pig Christmas

Christmas time has arrived at our Peppy Pig's house. She has a Christmas tree at home with a star on top, lights hanging on...
peppa pig with ice cream coloring book to print

Peppa Pig with Ice Cream

Drawn in this picture is Peeppe the pig along with his little brother George. Two little pigs are eating ice cream in the backyard....
peppa pig fairy coloring book to print

Peppa Pig Fairy

The picture shows Peppe the pig while playing a fairy. We can recognize it by its crown, wings and magic wand. Played with...
peppa piggy dressing the christmas tree coloring book to print

Peppa Pig Dressing the Christmas Tree

Christmas is associated with various traditions and dishes, but the most popular tradition is dressing the Christmas tree and presents....
papa peppa pig coloring book printable

Papa Peppa Pig

Shown in the picture are Peppy Pig's dad and her brother George. Do you know when the first episode of Peppy Pig was broadcast?...
peppa pig with kitten coloring book to print

Peppa Pig with a kitten

You can see little Peppe Pig in the picture, who is currently playing with her kitty. And do you have a toy cat of your own? Color...
peppa pig fun coloring book to print

Peppa Pig Fun

Do you like to play with your friends? That's just like Peppa Pig. We can see that they are just playing in the sandbox....
peppa pig in the car coloring book to print

Peppa Pig in the Car

Peppa Pig and her whole family are traveling by car somewhere. Where do you think they are going? Perhaps they are going to dinner....
peppa pig birthday coloring book printable

Peppa Pig's birthday

You see in the picture in front of you a pig named Peppe along with three balloons and a small birthday whistle. You have been watching an episode of...
peppa pig george coloring book to print

Peppa Pig George

Seen in the picture is little pig George, he is the brother of Peppy Pig. The visible piggy is currently playing with his favorite toy...
peppa pig on a bike coloring book to print

Peppa Pig on a bike

The picture shows Peppe the pig currently riding a bicycle. And your favorite physical activity is what sport? Do you like to ride...
peppa pig and her friends on the carousel coloring page printable

Peppa Pig and her friends on the carousel

The picture shows peppa piggy with her friends while playing on the carousel. We can name: Peppa Pig, her...
peppa piggy game coloring book printable

Peppa Pig plays games

In the picture shown, we see a peppe pig sitting on the lap of its mother pig on her lap. They are sitting on...
peppa pig whole family and friends coloring page printable

Peppa Pig whole family and friends

Do you know all the characters from the cartoon of which Peppa Pig is the main character? How many characters can you recognize and name?...
peppa piggy ball game coloring book to print

Peppa Pig plays ball

Peppa Pig's mom has enrolled her in a soccer class. Peppa has never played the game, so she's happy...
peppa piggy with gift for birthday coloring book printable

Peppa Pig with a gift for her birthday

Peppa Pig is celebrating her 10th birthday today. She has just received a dream gift from her parents. Color the picture. The balloons you see in the...
rainy weather peppa pig with umbrella coloring page printable

Rainy Weather Peppa Pig with Umbrella

Peppa Pig and her brother really wanted to play outside. Unfortunately, as soon as they got outside, it started raining...
peppa piggy reads a book printable coloring book

Peppa Pig reads a book

Peppa got a book from her mother that she had been dreaming about. She really wanted to read it because she heard from her friend that...


  1. Premiere: "Peppa Pig" made its debut in the UK on May 31, 2004. Since then it has gained immense popularity around the world.
  2. Genre: This is an animated series designed primarily for preschool children. It is characterized by a simple animation style and interesting, educational storylines.
  3. Heroes: The main character, Peppa Pig, is an anthropomorphic pig who lives with her parents and younger brother George. Other characters, such as her friends and relatives, also appear in the series.
  4. Short Episodes: "Peppa Pig" episodes usually last about five minutes. They are short and concise, which suits the short attention span of preschoolers.
  5. Educational Content: Despite its short format, "Peppa Pig" contains educational elements, such as learning letters, shapes, colors and simple social skills.
  6. Humor For Kids and Parents: Although mainly aimed at the youngest, the series often contains jokes and situations that can also be funny for adults watching it with their children.
  7. Understanding Language: The dialogues in the series are simple and easy to understand for children of all ages and those learning English as a second language.
  8. Cultural Influences: "Peppa Pig" includes elements of British culture, such as traditions, customs and landscapes, which can provide viewers with interesting information about Britain.
  9. Side Products: The popularity of "Peppa Pig" has resulted in numerous side products, such as toys, books, games and clothing.
  10. Long-Term Popularity: Despite the passage of years, "Peppa Pig" is still beloved by children and continues to win new fans around the world.


  1. Creators: "Peppa Pig" was created by Neville Astley and Mark Baker, who previously worked on illustrations for children's books.
  2. Initial Ideas: The creators originally drew the Peppy character for their children. Her first character appeared on the watch and later became the inspiration for the series.
  3. Locations: Although the series does not indicate exactly where Peppa lives, the landscapes in the series are inspired by the English county of Dorset, where the creators lived.
  4. The British Phenomenon: "Peppa Pig" is a British export phenomenon. The series has gained immense popularity in many countries, transforming Peppa into an international icon.
  5. Peppa and Poland: In Poland, "Peppa Pig" has also gained enormous popularity, becoming a favorite among children and families.
  6. Introducing the Family: Peppy's family is full of anthropomorphic animals - father George (a pig), mother Suzy (a kangaroo), as well as grandparents, aunts and uncles.
  7. Education Cross Section: "Peppa Pig" introduces viewers to a variety of topics, such as learning to swim, visiting the dentist and visiting places.
  8. Greetings Muddy Puddles: One of Peppa's favorite activities is jumping in mud puddles. This has become a characteristic element of the series.
  9. Prizes and Awards: The series has won many awards, including the British Academy Children's Awards, as well as numerous accolades for its quality and educational value.
  10. Impact on Cultural Recognition: The character Peppy has become an icon of popular culture. Many artists create modifications and parodies, and the character is used in memes and various online contexts.