Coloring Book Kindergarten

Category designed for our youngest users. On the right side we have created an additional menu in which you will find many other thematically interesting pictures. Paintings in this section are simple and not complicated so that the youngest kids can easily cope with them and don't have to ask their parents for help in painting.

Berenstain Bears go to school

Berenstain Bears go to school printable coloring book
Every child has to go to school one day. You know, with siblings or friends it is always more fun and interesting, you can talk about something and not...

Digit - the number 0

number 0 coloring page printable
When we have nothing, we say it is zero. Zero means absence, meaning that something is not there. And it's very simple to spell, it looks like.

Number - number 4

number 4 coloring page printable
Imagine a car, see how many wheels it has? Two at the front and two at the back, so a total of four. You can see the number four on...

Dress-up doll

printable dress up doll coloring book
In the picture we see a boy with various clothes to dress him. These protruding elements will allow you to attach the clothes to the boy's body after cutting them out and...

Toy shelf

toy shelf coloring book printable
It's a bookshelf probably from the room of some longtime game devotee. How do I know that? Because there are a lot of toys on the shelf. We can see cars, teddy bears, ball,....

Bird with orgies

origami bird coloring book to print
In this picture, we see a bird created with orgiami. He's probably just getting ready to take a long flight for an unforgettable adventure. Would you like to help him prepare...


Pinocchio wooden boy

pinokio wooden boy coloring book to print
Everyone knows the fairy tale of Pinocchio. He was a wooden boy who suffered from a certain affliction. Every time he lied his nose got longer. He had to...

Beach ball

beach ball coloring book to print
Everyone likes to spend sunny summer days at the beach. There you can spend time together with your friends and family while playing fun and games together. In the picture...

Foot ball

soccer ball coloring book to print
Soccer is the most popular sport in Poland. The ball you see in the picture is used to play soccer. It usually looks a bit...


basketball coloring book to print
In the picture above, there is a ball. However, it is not an ordinary ball. It is designed to play basketball. The game is about throwing the ball into the...

Paper airplane

paper airplane printable coloring book
Did you know that a properly folded piece of paper can become an airplane? It will look exactly like the plane in the picture above. You can play with it a lot...

Origami to print

origami printable coloring book
Ask your parent to print out the above drawing and cut out the necessary pieces. Only then you can start playing origiami. If you bend the card in the marked places...

Origami for kids

origami for kids coloring book to print
Origami is the art of folding paper in such a way that it resembles different animals or things. What does the above picture remind you of? In my opinion, it is.

Teddy bear my favorite toy

teddy bear my favorite toy printable coloring book
Every child has a favorite toy. The teddy bear in the picture is also someone's favorite playmate. Teddy is just sitting and waiting for you to invite him to...


kite coloring book to print
Do you know what a kite looks like? Yes, exactly like the picture above! Kites are flown in the wind and you can see from below how far they will blow...

Pony dolls

pony dolls coloring book to print
The picture features Pony dolls loved by all girls. They have very long hair and cute clothes. There are as many as six of them, but you can be sure...

Matryoshka dolls

matryoshka dolls coloring book to print
Can you count how many dolls are in the picture? I will tell you that there are ten of them. These dolls are called matryoshkas because in one such doll...

Zuzia doll with balloons

Zuzia doll with balloons coloring book to print
Zuzia doll from the drawing has a birthday today. She is dressed in a cute dress with a heart on top. In her hand she holds two balloons with dots. On the...

Baby doll with pacifier

coloring book printable pacifier doll
The picture shows a happy toddler with a big bow on his head. Do you know the name of the object he has in his mouth? It is a pacifier, which is often...

Doll drawing

doll coloring book printable
Look what huge eyes this doll has! She has equally big heart shaped glasses on her nose and a hilarious hairstyle on her head. Make her look...


snowball coloring book to print
There are two snowmen in a ball. One of them has a hat and the other has earmuffs. They both have scarves. Color the carrot noses orange, the coal buttons...

Rubik's cube

rubik's cube coloring book to print
A Rubik's cube consists of 36 squares. How many do you see in the coloring book? I counted 28. Am I right? Color each middle square blue and...

A spinning top

spinning bittern coloring book to print
A bittern is such an animal, similar to a wasp. In the picture, however, we see a toy that has the same name. You press the handle and the toy spins...

The rocking horse

rocking horse coloring book to print
In the picture we see a rocking horse. Who do you think it belongs to? Does it have a star on its saddle, maybe to the sheriff? Color the star yellow and...

Origami horse

origami horse coloring book to print
This origami horse resembles more than a pegasus, doesn't it? It consists of different shapes: trapezoids, triangles and other polygons. Which of them do you know?...

Paper airplane

airplane made of paper coloring book to print
Do you remember how your parents or grandparents made paper airplanes? Or maybe during a boring lesson at school your classmates decided to spice up their...


volleyball coloring book to print
Volleyball is one of the most popular leisure activities both with family and friends. You can really relax and at the same time improve your condition....


  1. The aim of the kindergarten: The main goal of the kindergarten is the comprehensive development of the child, both physical, emotional, social and intellectual. The kindergarten is to prepare children to start elementary school.
  2. Activity and fun: In kindergartens, great attention is paid to activity and play. Children learn by interacting with their peers and the environment, which develops their social skills and interpersonal skills.
  3. Development of social skills: The preschool helps children establish relationships, deal with groups, resolve conflicts and develop empathy and communication skills.
  4. Education through play: Preschools use methods of education through play. Children learn through exploration, creativity, manipulation with various objects and materials, and motor activities.
  5. Preparing for school: Preschools introduce children to school structures, teaching them certain routines and habits, such as acquiring skills of independence, concentration and obedience.
  6. Educational values: Kindergartens focus on the formation of values such as tolerance, respect for others, cooperation, responsibility and understanding.
  7. Diversified activities: The kindergartens organize a variety of activities, such as art, music, movement, language, nature and other activities to develop children's interests and skills.
  8. Preschool teachers: Kindergartens are staffed by qualified teachers who are tasked with creating an appropriate educational environment in which children can develop.
  9. Language education: Many kindergartens are introducing elements of language education, teaching children the basics of foreign languages through play and singing.
  10. Parental support: Preschools often hold meetings with parents so they can learn about their child's progress, discuss any difficulties and cooperate with teachers.


  1. The beginnings of kindergartens: The first kindergartens were established in Germany in the 19th century, at the initiative of educator Friedrich Fröbel. His idea was based on creating places where children could develop through play and experience.
  2. First kindergarten in Poland: The first kindergarten in Poland was founded in Warsaw in 1860 by Jozef Korczak, who pioneered modern methods of educating children.
  3. Meaning of the name: The word "kindergarten" is derived from German ("Kindergarten"), which literally means "garden of children." The name emphasizes the importance of education based on activities related to nature and movement.
  4. The role of play: Play is an essential element in preschool education. Through play, children develop their creativity, social, emotional and intellectual abilities.
  5. Creativity and imagination: Preschools place great emphasis on developing creativity and imagination in children through a variety of artistic and creative activities.
  6. The importance of movement: In kindergartens, children have plenty of opportunities for movement and physical activity, which has a positive impact on their health and motor development.
  7. Children learn from each other: In the preschool environment, children also learn from each other. Cooperation and observation of peers is crucial in the educational process.
  8. Social goals: Kindergartens not only prepare children for school, but also shape their group behavior, teaching cooperation, respect and empathy.
  9. Education through experience: The "learn by doing" method is characteristic of preschools. Children have the opportunity to actively learn about the world through concrete experiences.
  10. The role of parents: Cooperation between the kindergarten and parents is important for a child's educational success. Together they can create an environment conducive to the development of the toddler.
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