Coloring Book Tennis

Tennis is a popular sports game that takes place on a court divided into two halves by a net. Players use a racket to bounce a ball on their side of the court, trying to score a point by placing it in their opponent's court.

Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck play tennis

Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck coloring book play tennis printable
The drawing shows two cute characters, namely Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck. You can see that they love to spend time with each other. Just look at the...

Minnie Mouse for kids

Minnie Mouse coloring book for kids printable
Minnie Mouse shown in the picture is playing tennis. You can see that she is very focused and would like to win. Perhaps you would like to play with her? For this purpose...

Fierce match

tennis player coloring book online
There is a very fierce match going on on the tennis court, which is an elimination for the finals. One of the players who wins this fierce clash goes on to...

Playing on the court

tennis match coloring book online
Today's painting shows two players playing a tennis match. Looking by the look on the face of one of them, he is terrified of his opponent's play and his eyes definitely...

Mickey Mouse bounces the ball

mickey mouse bounces the ball coloring book
Let's play tennis together with Mickey Mouse. That is, let's color the picture that shows the famous fairy tale heroine playing tennis. Choose the right colors....

Professional Tennis Player

Professional Tennis Player coloring book to print
To learn to play tennis and participate in competitions is not that easy at all. It costs a lot of sacrifices and a lot of hours spent...


Tennis competition

tennis competition coloring book to print
You see in the picture a happy little girl who is playing tennis. She is smiling, so we can tell that she likes this sport a lot. Behind her you can see some...

Tennis balls

tennis balls coloring book to print
You have to color two balls that are used during the game of tennis. They have stripes that as you color you have to be very careful not to...

Tennis player on the court

tennis player on the court coloring book to print
You see in the picture a girl who is holding a racket and is dressed in an outfit suitable for playing tennis. She is probably very focused, as she looks as if...

Tennis match

tennis match coloring book to print
The picture shows two players engaged in a game of tennis. It is evident that one of them is happy and the other is sad. Perhaps the smiling boy is winning...

Warm-up before the competition

pre-competition warm-up coloring sheet printable
The picture shows a boy and a girl warming up for an upcoming competition. Warm-up is a very important principle before a long training session or competition. It serves...

Tennis racket and ball

racket and tennis ball coloring book to print
The ball and racket are essential elements of the game of tennis. The rackets for the game are of different types and the ball can be in different...

Tennis shoes

tennis shoes printable coloring book
You see sports shoes in the picture that are great for playing tennis. Remember, when playing sports, it's not just the clothing that matters, but...

Playing tennis

tennis match coloring book to print
The first games resembling tennis are known from ancient times. Since then, the rules of the game and the playing grounds have been changed many times. You can see in the picture...

Tennis match

tennis match coloring book to print
Tennis is a sport played on a tennis court that involves hitting a ball over or past a net into an opponent's field with a tennis racket. It can be played...

Tennis court

tennis court coloring book to print
A tennis court is actually a playing court. A tennis match is played on a rectangular, flat tennis court with a hard surface,...


  1. History: Tennis has a long history, dating all the way back to the 19th century. The game was originally known as "real tennis" or "court tennis," but over time and evolution it has taken on a form more akin to modern tennis.
  2. Equipment: To play tennis you need racquets and a ball. Rackets come in different shapes and sizes, and their construction can be based on wood, metal, composites or carbon fiber. The balls are usually made of rubber and covered with a special material.
  3. Categories of courts: There are different types of tennis courts, including ground courts (on a clay surface), grass courts and hard red courts (with an asphalt or concrete surface).
  4. Points and gems: The game is played for points and gems. Points are scored when the opponent is unable to bounce the ball or bounces it off the field. Gems are grouped into gameplay gems, and winning them is crucial to winning a set.
  5. Sets and matches: A tennis match usually consists of three or five sets, depending on the rules of the tournament or competition. Winning a set requires winning a certain number of games, while winning a match involves winning more sets.
  6. Different styles of play: There are different styles of tennis, such as playing offensively, defensively, volleying or playing from deep on the court. Players often adapt their style to the type of surface and opponent.
  7. Grand Slam tournaments: The most important and prestigious tournaments in tennis are the Grand Slams, namely the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and US Open. Winning any of these tournaments is every player's dream.
  8. Game categories: Tennis can be played in singles (one-on-one) or doubles (two people per team). In doubles, mixed doubles is also distinguished, in which a team consists of a player and a player-player.
  9. Rankings and classifications: In tennis, there is a world ranking that determines a player's position based on his performance in tournaments. Players compete for ranking points, which affect their position in the ranking.
  10. Variety of surfaces: Different types of surfaces (clay, grass, hard surface) affect players' playing styles and skills. Players must adapt their tactics to the surface specifications.


  1. Longest match in history: The longest match in tennis history took place during the first round of Wimbledon in 2010. John Isner and Nicolas Mahut competed for as long as 11 hours and 5 minutes before Isner won the match 70-68 in the fifth set.
  2. Most Grand Slam wins: Serbia's Novak Djokovic, Switzerland's Roger Federer and Spain's Rafael Nadal are three players with 20 Grand Slam wins each, making them among the most successful tennis players in history.
  3. The first "off-court" tennis player: René Lacoste, the famous French tennis player, was known as the "alligator" because of his clenched teeth. He was the first to put the logo on the outside of clothing, creating the concept of sportswear with a logo.
  4. Ratio of men and women: In tennis, both men and women compete at the highest level. However, in some historic tournaments, women have had limited access or been treated unequally compared to men.
  5. Ball speed: The speed of the ball in professional tennis can reach about 200 km/h, making it necessary for players to be extremely alert and fast to bounce it.
  6. The evolution of the rocket: Tennis racquets were originally small in size and made of wood. Today, racquets are much more advanced, made of composite materials and have advanced technologies to improve control and hitting power.
  7. Grass courts: Wimbledon in London is the only Grand Slam that takes place on grass courts. These courts are characterized by a fast surface, which makes the game a little different than on other types of courts.
  8. Rituals of service: Some tennis players have distinctive rituals before making a serve. For example, Rafael Nadal tweaks his shorts, Andy Murray moves his hair, and Novak Djokovic points to the sky before each serve.
  9. Three record exchanges at Wimbledon: In 1980, Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe produced one of the most memorable exchanges in Wimbledon history, lasting 20 minutes and ending in Borg's victory. In the following years, legendary duels also took place in the same arena, such as the final match between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal in 2008.
  10. Length of lines on the court: Lines on a tennis court have their specific lengths and widths. For example, the doubles line is 23.77 meters long, and the line at the net is 6.4 meters away from the net.
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