Quail Coloring Book

Quail is a small bird of the curlew family, known by its scientific name Coturnix coturnix. It is one of the smallest curlew birds. It inhabits various regions around the world and is a popular breeding bird.

Quail - information and interesting facts

  1. Appearance: Quails are small birds with a round shape and short tail. They usually have brown plumage with dark and light spots. The body length of a quail is about 17-18 cm, and the weight ranges from 70 to 130 g.
  2. Diet: Quails are omnivorous. They feed on seeds, fruits, insects, small animals and plants.
  3. Environment: Quails prefer open areas such as fields, meadows, marshes and steppes. Many quail live in cultivated areas.
  4. Disposition: Quails are widely distributed throughout the world. In Europe, they are migratory birds that spend the summer in the north of the continent and the winter in the south.
  5. Reproduction: Quail lay 6 to 18 eggs, which are incubated for about 17-18 days. The female takes care of the young, but after a few days the young quail are able to forage for food on their own.
  6. Breeding: Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica), closely related to the common quail, are often raised for their eggs and meat. Quail eggs are small but rich in nutrients, and are a popular staple in many cuisines around the world.

Quails, despite being small, are very hardy and can survive in a variety of conditions. Many breeders value them for their productivity and ease of breeding.

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