Rain Coloring Book

Rain is the process by which water from clouds falls to the ground in the form of all kinds of precipitation, such as rain, snow and hail. Rain is formed when water particles in the atmosphere condense and form clouds. When the water molecules in the cloud gain mass and are already too heavy to float in the atmosphere, they fall to earth as rain. Interesting coloring pages with rain for kids are waiting for you. Choose any one you like.

Rain trivia

1 About 505,000 cubic kilometers of rain is generated worldwide each year.
2 The highest rainfall in a single day was 1.8 meters of rainfall in the city of La Reunion, located in the southeast of the Indian Ocean.
3. The last day without rainfall in the world was July 14, 1939.
4. rain is the main source of drinking water.
5. is an important factor in the process of temperature regulation in the environment.
6 It is possible to see rain of visible particles such as mud and dust, especially in eastern China.
7 It also contains very small ice particles or water droplets that fall from the clouds, reaching low temperatures and causing frost precipitation.
8 It can cause flooding, which can be harmful to the environment, as well as harmful in many other ways.
9 Rain can also cause sea flooding, which can be observed especially in France and other European countries.

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