Rainbow Coloring Book

A rainbow is a beautiful atmospheric phenomenon that is created when the sun shines on water droplets in the atmosphere. This beautiful sight consists of several colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and purple. We just recommend you to choose a coloring book with a rainbow and color it in whatever colors you feel like. Just click on the print icon.

Rainbow coloring pages and trivia

A rainbow can be observed during a thunderstorm, rain or rain with snow. This natural spectacle serves as a metaphor for various things, such as hope, harmony, joy and many other positive emotions. Since ancient times, people have believed that rainbows have magical powers, and people can have wonderful dreams after sleeping under their glow.

The formation of a rainbow is an optical and physical process. When the sun shines on water droplets in the atmosphere, they split into rays of white light and create a beautiful sight. It can be said that the colors of the rainbow are formed by the refraction of light rays in water molecules.

Rainbows can usually be observed after a rain or storm. One condition is that the sun should be high enough in the sky for the water droplets to reflect it. Another important factor is the direction of the wind, as the water droplets should scatter evenly across the sky.

An interesting fact about the rainbow is that you can never reach its end. When you seem to be approaching its end, it changes direction and starts over again. The rainbow is also considered a symbol of good luck, and in ancient Egypt it was considered a bridge connecting the god Ra to humanity.


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