Waterfall Coloring Book

We encourage you to get acquainted with these unusual coloring books that we have specially prepared for you. They are free without limits.

The largest waterfalls in the world ?

The world's largest waterfalls are: Angel Falls (Venezuela), Niagar (USA/Canada), Iguazu (Argentina/Brazil), Victoria (Zambia/Zimbabwe), Kuang Si (Laos), Niagara (USA), Rhine (Switzerland), Dettifoss (Iceland) and Khone (Laos).

What is a waterfall ?

A waterfall is the natural phenomenon of water falling from a height. Waterfalls are usually caused by erosion when water flows over rocks or other steep terrain, creating a cascade or curtain of water. They can be beautiful and powerful, depending on the size and strength of the water flow. Some waterfalls have magnificent stones that make wonderful patterns around the water, and when the water has a high velocity, it can create a cloud of steam. Waterfalls are also popular attractions, providing insipiration and refreshment for those who stop to appreciate their beauty. Feel free to paint pictures with waterfalls - just print the image from our site.

Waterfall trivia

1. Angel Falls is the highest waterfall in the world with a height of 979 meters.
2. Niagar is the most famous and largest waterfall in the North Atlantic.
3. Yosemite Falls in North America has the highest water table in the world.
4. Iguazu in South America is the widest waterfall in the world.
5 The Khone and Saar waterfalls in Laos are one of two riverside waterfalls in Tibet.
6. Victoria Falls in Africa is considered the most beautiful waterfall in the world.


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