River Coloring Book

Rivers are natural streams of water that are usually connected to larger water systems such as lakes, seas or the ocean. Water from rivers flows along with the wind and other forces of nature. Factors that affect river water flow include adhesion and cohesion, fluid resistance, topographic gradient and average flow.

River - coloring pages and trivia

Rivers are often diverse, both geographically and functionally. In addition, due to their sizes and different ecological, hydrological and geological aspects, each river is unique. River environments are important sources of drinking water, vegetation, nutrients and oxygen for living beings. They can also be natural environments that provide shelter for animal species and biodiversity.

Here's a list of the world's 10 longest rivers: the Nile (6695 km), Amazon (6400 km), Yangtze (6300 km), Ob (5592 km), Parana (4880 km), Congo (4700 km), Amur (4400 km), Lena (4400 km), Mekong (4350 km) and Yucatan (4000 km).

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