Coloring Book American Dad


American Dad for kids

American Dad coloring book for kids to print
The picture features the character Snot- Schmuely Lonstein, who is one of the many students at Pearl Bailey High School. He is close friends with one of the main...

America's Dad for Kids

Coloring Book American Dad for Kids to Print
Here we see Jeff Fischer, the boyfriend of Hayley Smith, the very assertive daughter of the title character. The man is quite submissive, submitting to the girl. He is even the victim of emotional abuse...

American Dad

Printable American Daddy Coloring Book
This coloring book features Avery Bullock, who is primarily one of the main antagonistic characters. By profession, he works as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Along with...

Hayley Smith

Hayley Smith printable coloring book
She is the daughter of the main, title character. Her middle name is "Ruinous Dream" because her father had to abandon his treasure hunt by her birth. The girl was born in...

Stan Smith of American Dad

Stan Smith with American Dad printable coloring book
The title character from an American cartoon. First of all, he is a special agent of the CIA. Along with his family, he lives in the United States in Langley Falls. At Stan's...

American Dad logo and character

Printable American Dad Logo and Character Coloring Book
The logo of the American TV series depicts the main character Stan Smith, wrapped in an American flag and holding a gun in his hand. The man is naked because he is very fond of boasting...


Printable Fish Coloring Book Klaus

Klaus fish

More specifically, Klaus Heissler, is a goldfish who lives in Smith's house with his entire family. The CIA, in order to keep the man from ...
Printable Alien Roger Smith Coloring Book

Spaceman Roger Smith

He has been on Earth for about sixty years, plus living with the Smith family. He turned 1600 years old on his last birthday....