Christmas Coloring Book

Christmas pictures are waiting for boys and girls right here. It's all free for you in two versions to choose from. One of them is online - especially nice when you don't have a printer at home or you're out of paper. Then you can quickly choose the colors with your mouse and paint the pictures on your computer. Another option is the one for printing, which is classic and probably the most popular with us. We encourage you to play, it is completely safe.


Pluto Mickey Mouse and Christmas

Printable Mickey Mouse Pluto and Christmas coloring book
Christmas is approaching so the two cartoon best friends Mickey Mouse and Pluto decide to dress a Christmas tree together. They start, of course, with...

Smiling snowman for children

Coloring book smiling snowman printable for kids
Winter is approaching so we have new cool winter coloring pages for you. Here a snowman is waiting for you to color. We can see that he is dressed in a hat....

Christmas tree with gifts for children

Christmas tree coloring page with gifts for children
Very cool and interesting coloring book for children where we see a Christmas tree with presents, and next to it a cheerful pig. This piggy has an interesting Santa hat....

Large Christmas tree bauble to paint

Printable large Christmas bauble coloring book
In this picture we see a sizable bauble. It has different patterns, try to color these patterns as well as the bauble itself in different colors. For sure...

Printable colorful Christmas tree baubles

Printable coloring book Christmas tree baubles
It won't be long before each of us will be decorating our Christmas tree at home. There are people who like live Christmas trees, that is, those from the forest. Others, on the other hand,...

Jesus and Mary next to the Christmas Crib

Coloring page of Jesus with his parents
In this picture we can observe a lot of stars in the sky. Below we have a nativity scene in which little Jesus was born. In the foreground we can see the sheep which...
Masha and the Christmas tree coloring book

Masha and the Christmas tree

Masha has just finished dressing the Christmas tree to celebrate Christmas. We can spot baubles already hung on the tree and on...
Masha And The Bear printable Christmas coloring book

Christmas in the fairy tale of Masha and the Bear

Do you like gifts? I love them too! Masha and the Bear just finished wrapping this great gift you see in the picture....
Christmas Minions coloring book - Santa Claus printable

Christmas Minions - Christmas with the Minions

In the picture we see a Minion, who is wearing a Christmas hat on his head and holding a bag behind his back, probably with presents. A...
coloring page Santa brings gifts under the Christmas tree printable

Santa brings gifts

Santa Claus always brings gifts for children on this one special day of the year. It is important to remember to write to him...
coloring book gifts under the Christmas tree for kids to print

Gifts under the Christmas tree

December 6 is the time when Santa brings gifts for good children and puts them under the Christmas tree. Here we have a fun coloring book...
Christmas gift bag coloring book to print online

Christmas gift bag

It is in such a sack that gifts are kept which are later distributed by Santa Claus to all children around the world. We see...
baubles for your Christmas tree

Christmas tree baubles

Another for the collection this time we will see in the pictures a piece of conifer branch and baubles which of course will be much nicer...
christmas tree for kids simplest picture

Christmass tree

The simplest of its kind drezwko which is very easy for us to color and paint no matter what utensils to...
coloring book ornaments for your children's Christmas tree

Decorations for your Christmas tree

See how pretty cool and fast we can change the look of our Christmas tree. We just have to add all sorts of interesting decorations and...
Christmas tree decorations printable coloring book

Christmas tree decorations

There comes such a unique and special time that we have to decorate our Christmas tree. Then it is worth to plan before dressing where to be...
coloring page shepherdess in church

Midnight Mass in the church of

We go to it once a year. Usually it is at 12 o'clock at night. During this special mass...
Printable Christmas nativity scene coloring book for kids

Christmas crib

In this crib we see Jesus who was born and his parents who were Joseph and Mary. Interesting Christmas picture...
coloring book three - 3 kings printable

Three kings coloring book

The picture shows 3 kings who went to welcome the baby Jesus. They were Casper, Melchior and Balthazar,...
Printable nativity scene and star of Bethlehem coloring book

Nativity scene and star of Bethlehem

Jesus Christ was born and the 3 kings went to greet him as well as the animals. They got there by the guidance of the star...
cribbage animals and characters coloring page printable

Nativity animals and characters

Just look at all the characters you see in the picture. There are nativity characters, animals, angels and people -...
jesus in a crib on a hay coloring book printable

Jesus in a crib on a haystack

The picture shows a baby Jesus who has just been born. He is lying peacefully in his crib wrapped up in his...
birth of a baby jesus coloring book to print

The birth of the baby Jesus

The situation in the picture is the birth of baby Jesus, which I'm sure you've heard about or heard from your parents, in church or...
christ birth coloring book printable

The birth of Christ

The situation you see in the picture is the birth of Jesus Christ. Mary and Joseph, happy parents are watching over the baby Jesus in...
mary,joseph and the baby printable coloring book

Mary, Joseph and the baby

In the picture you see Mary, Joseph and their son - Jesus. The baby lies in a cradle made of wood and wrapped in...
Candle with holly picture to print

holly candle

Beautiful delicate decoration that we can put on the table during the Christmas holidays. If you want to make it at home ...
Bells in small patterns printable picture

Small patterned bells

In front of you is a coloring book that is very difficult but if you color correctly and do not go over the line ...
Santa Claus gives a gift to Elf picture to print

Santa gives gift to Elf

As we all know Santa gives gifts to children, but today for good and quick work one Elf also gets a gift....
Elf and Santa Claus printable picture

Elf and Santa Claus

Santa is getting very tired of carrying presents from the factory to his sleigh. One Elf notices this, so he quickly runs to him...
Elf explains himself to Santa Claus printable picture

Elf explains himself to Santa

An elf while wrapping gifts for children forgot one present. While checking the list to make sure all the presents were there, Santa noticed...
Reindeer waiting for Santa Claus printable picture

The reindeer are waiting for Santa

Already ready to travel the world, they already want to have their harness on and rush ahead! But without Santa...
Angel plays the trumpet picture to print

Angel plays the trumpet

Christmas is just around the corner, so Angel decided to announce this news to the whole world so that no one would forget about...
Advent calendar with stars picture to print

Star Spangled Advent Calendar

Before you Advent calendar in the stars. You know, the stars in the sky are bright gold in color but you can...
christmas elf printable picture

Christmas Elf

A cap on his head and protruding ears are two features by which we can recognize the Elf. This time he is waiting for us...
Patterned Christmas sock printable picture

Patterned Christmas sock

This is a very difficult coloring book. But if you are already an expert at coloring and no longer go beyond the black lines....
Christmas trees in the forest printable picture

Christmas trees in the forest

Everyone remembers to decorate the Christmas tree they bring home for Christmas. But no one remembers the rest...
Santa Claus and reindeer dressing the Christmas tree picture to print

Santa and the reindeer dressing the Christmas tree

Santa Claus wanted to bring presents for good children but he noticed that there was nowhere to leave them because no one in this...

Christmas Eve in Poland

As the religion of the Catholic Church teaches a holy day for every Christian. Christmas is the time when God comes into the world in the form of baby Jesus. During this period in Poland Wigilia is celebrated in almost every home and family. It is one of the most important holidays in the calendar year. It is at this time that each of us is engaged in preparing the house for this special period. We take care of its cleaning and tidying. The next stage is shopping from which we prepare 12 Christmas Eve dishes and leave an empty place at the table.

It's also the time where we deal with for these Christmas days dressing and decorating the Christmas tree as well as the entire house in various types of ornaments, whether it's for the front door of the tome as well as the tuners that we put on the table where the Christmas Eve will be held. It is the day when we have many different customs as well as traditions. It's a special day when all of us from the whole family meet at the table on which there are already prepared dishes and at the very beginning, after reading a fragment of the Bible, we break the wafer. It's a special time during which we wish each other all the best. Then we proceed to eat the dishes. It is important to remember to leave one place free for the person who may come unannounced, and we should welcome them. This time is a moment for reflection, sighing and the kindness of people.

Midnight Mass - Mass on Christmas Eve.

It is a special mass which always takes place in the evening. It is assumed that it is 12 o'clock in the night or 24th. It is one of the most awaited and probably the most solemn day for every Christian in the whole year. It is during this mass that the bells in all churches in Poland ring at 12 o'clock. Different types of carols are sung, in particular the most popular one is: God is born. At the very beginning this special day was celebrated only in Bethlehem and Jerusalem, but over time this tradition has spread throughout the world with the Christians. Always in almost every church at this time is built crib Bethlehem. In which we meet Jesus, Mary and Joseph and the three kings and animals that came to the birth of Jesus. When it comes to this special day, Pasterka in Poland is already since medieval times, of course, it was not in such a form and so celebrated as now because very much has changed but as you can see it is already very long known this tradition in our country.

Christmas crib

It is a place that represents our idea of where Jesus Christ was born. Sometimes it is a stable - often cribs are built in churches or in a cave or even a grotto. We don't really know, and that's why each of us imagines it a little differently. But it always features the same people, Joseph, Mary, Jesus and the three kings and animals. They came to this nativity scene thanks to the Star of Bethlehem and angels who showed them the way. In Poland, in Krakow every year we can see a variety of buildings people from all over the country who specially for this occasion build their own unique buildings of this kind. In larger cities we can also see live cribs with real animals. In the world the first such arrangement was built in 1223 in the town of Greccio by St. Francis.

Why choose a Christmas coloring book?

These kinds of games, of course, are increasingly popular during the Christmas season among parents who will look for such pictures for their children. It is thanks to this that we can get acquainted with the genesis of these holidays. We will also learn about some traditions and customs because they are shown and depicted on the pictures that are waiting for each of you to download as a PDF or print if you have a printer at home. The third option is the fastest and the easiest one, i.e. you can colour the pictures on our website. All you need to have is a mouse which you can use to choose a color and color the picture on our website We encourage all children both girls and boys to this kind of excellent and very cool creative games. Christmas time is also the time when we have a little less time because of many different things that we have to do. This is why such coloring books will occupy our children for some time and will also teach them a lot about these events that took place a very long time ago.

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