Easter Coloring Book

In front of you there is another section of coloring pages related to holidays. This time it is Easter, and here you will find many pictures related to this holiday. Everyone loves this day, because the preparations for this holiday include painting eggs, and then we have to go with them to church to consecrate them.

Coloring Book Resurrection of Jesus Christ

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is a fundamental event in Christianity, which marks the return of Jesus to life after his death on the cross. The resurrection is central to the faith....

Pentecost Coloring Pages

Pentecost is an event described in the New Testament that plays a key role in Christianity. It is the moment when the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles....

Easter Wreath Coloring Book

An Easter wreath is a decorative element associated with Easter celebrations in many cultures. It is usually a circular structure made of twigs, flowers, eggs and other...

Easter Cross Coloring Book

The Easter cross is the symbol of Easter, which is the most important season in Christianity, celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are many types of crosses used in...


Coloring Book Easter Card

An Easter card is a type of greeting card that is traditionally sent during Easter to convey holiday wishes. Easter cards, like other greeting cards,...

Chicken hatched from an egg

coloring page online chicken hatched from an egg
What a cheerful chick is in our picture. Joyfully hopping among the shells of an Easter egg from which he hatched. He looks really happy, flapping his wings and...

The little rabbit and the little chicken

Online coloring book bunny and little chicken
You will certainly be charmed by the animals depicted in the picture. Here we have a little chick that has just hatched from an Easter egg. He seems to be a bit scared. Next to it...

Bunny and basket

Online coloring book bunny and basket
Have you already started preparing Easter eggs for your Easter basket at home? What is in your basket every year? Surely the most eye-catching is...

Easter adventure

coloring book online easter adventure
Ducklings are really cute creatures. Especially the tiny ones that have beautiful glowing little eyes. On our coloring book she is just like that. Surrounded by two Easter eggs,...

Happy Easter Bunny

Online coloring book of the jolly Easter bunny
We are looking forward to a wonderful Easter! In our picture the bunny is also in a mood for this reason. The happy animal is holding an Easter egg decorated with...

Little hare and hen

Online coloring book of a little rabbit and a hen
The Easter Bunny really has a lot to do during the holidays. He is the one who gives good children sweets and other gifts. Our bunny also...

Small chanterelles and an egg

Online coloring book of baby chickens and an egg
Baby chickens or chickadees are really cute. They often proudly walk behind their mother quack following her to look for food. On our coloring page...

Chicken in an egg

Online coloring book chicken in an egg
In the spring everything awakens to life.Just like the depicted chick that has just hatched from an egg. In our coloring book a little chicken hatches from...

Easter basket with eggs

coloring page online basket with eggs for easter
In the picture shown, we see a basket with Easter eggs. It is one of the basic symbols of Easter. It is with it that the whole family goes before the Easter breakfast to...

A basket full of Easter eggs

coloring page online basket full of easter eggs
This day is loved by everyone and the magic of this holiday is in preparing eggs for blessing. At the very beginning we color the eggs...

The rabbit comes out of the egg

coloring book online bunny in an egg
Easter is getting closer and closer, so it's high time to print some paintings depicting just this extraordinary holiday and slowly enter this period. Our today...

Bunnies decorate eggs

painting easter eggs coloring book online
As you can see in the picture, even the hares in the meadow are celebrating Easter and have now taken to preparing eggs for the holy of holies. They started, of course, with their ...

A basket full of Easter eggs

Easter egg basket coloring book
Preparing eggs before Easter is a task every kid likes, so this time you have the opportunity to practice decorating eggs. Choose the right colors and try to decorate as much as you want.

Easter card

easter card online coloring book
In the old days, people used to send their Easter wishes on cards and then mail them to their loved ones. Nowadays...

Easter bunny and Easter eggs

Easter bunny printable coloring book for kids
As Easter is approaching we usually prepare baskets for the holy of holies. We put food into them. There are always Easter eggs that we make ourselves or we buy different ones...

Family goes to church with palm trees

Family goes to church with palms picture to print
Do you have Palm Sunday like this when you go to church with your palms? Is it only your parents who have palms or do you have some of your own...

The Easter Bunny collects Easter eggs

Bunny collects Easter eggs picture to print
More and more kids are learning about a super fun Easter holiday game, it's a game that involves finding colored eggs from different nooks and crannies....

Chicken in Easter basket

Chicken in Easter basket picture to print
This chick is sure that there is still a surprise waiting for him in this basket. He has a feeling that in some egg there is still some...

Bunny and Easter

Easter bunny and Easter holidays picture to print
Do you, too, rejoice like the bunny when you think that Easter is just around the corner? You'll be able to get up in the morning to paint Easter eggs again!...

Spring basket with Easter eggs

Spring basket with Easter eggs picture to print
Beautifully braided wicker Easter basket with wonderful, patterned Easter eggs and first spring flowers next to it! With such an Easter basket you just want to go ...

In our country already a few weeks before Christmas preparations for this extraordinary holiday are going on in our homes. Usually everything starts with spring cleaning, which we do in our homes. Starting with cleaning floors through washing windows. This is a great time because the larger family can share the responsibilities and everyone has to do their part, so together you can do things much better and faster.

Easter traditions and customs

Carnival - It is a time of partying and it is during this period that many events take place that people attend because it is the last time to party. It lasts from Epiphany and ends one day before Ash Wednesday, which usually falls 46 days before Easter. Ash Wednesday also marks the beginning of Lent. 

Closer to the end of the carnival are then held the largest and most lavish parties so called "last" or the last time in which we can dance and have fun.

Egg painting - All kids love this tradition. They can sit in the kitchen all day to paint and decorate boiled eggs with their mothers. In these dawns, the egg has an unusual symbol, because it is a sign of nascent life, which of course has to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

In the old days eggs were dyed only in onion broth, they were believed to have extraordinary power and could cure all diseases. Nowadays we can also find such painted eggs, but very rarely. Most people dye them with special paints which are intended for this purpose and additionally paint various patterns on them.

Big week - The traditional one starts until Palm Sunday. We also have to prepare ourselves for this day by making a palm tree. A lot of people take the easy way out and buy a ready-made palm tree in a store, but the whole tradition is to make such a fresh one yourself and then you can say that it is vibrant, because you add to it live flowers and bases, which start to bloom on the trees.

Llaning Monday - This day is mostly loved by younger children who can stay outside almost all day and splash water with their peers .


  1. Connections to Jewish Tradition: Easter has its roots in the Jewish holiday of Passover, which commemorates the exodus of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery. In English, Easter is called "Easter," probably from the name of the Old English goddess of spring and fertility, "Eostre."
  2. Relationship to the Spring Solstice: Easter is also associated with the spring solstice. The date of Easter is calculated based on the lunar Jewish calendar and must fall after the first spring full moon.
  3. Habits of Egg Dyeing: The tradition of coloring eggs for Easter comes from the ancient beliefs and customs of pre-Christian peoples, symbolizing rebirth, fertility and new life.
  4. Easter Rabbit: In some cultures, especially English-speaking ones, the Easter Bunny delivers eggs and gifts to children much like Santa Claus does at Christmas.
  5. Symbolism of the Lamb: The Lamb is an important symbol of Easter in Christianity. It is represented as the Lamb of God who takes off the sins of the world.
  6. Christmas Food: Various countries have special foods that are traditionally eaten during Easter. For example, in Poland, the popular dishes are święconka (Easter basket), white borscht, żurek, or mazurek.
  7. Expected Surprises: Traditional Polish "święconki" are surprises hidden in a basket that children only discover on Easter Day.
  8. The Custom of Breaking Eggs: In some countries, the custom of breaking eggs is popular. Two participants hit their eggs against each other, and the egg that is left undamaged wins.
  9. White Saturday Sunday: Easter is celebrated on Sunday, but the Saturday before Easter, known as White Saturday, is also important in the rituals that prepare for the holiday.
  10. Blessing of the Baskets: In some countries, such as Poland and Hungary, there is a tradition of blessing Easter baskets that contain a variety of food items, such as eggs, bread, cold cuts and horseradish.
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