Coloring pages Africa


Rhino at the watering hole

coloring book rhino at the watering hole
A rhinoceros at a watering hole is a common sight, it's the perfect place for him, not only can he drink he can later jump into the water to...

African animals beyond the fence

coloring page African animals behind a fence
Often sick animals are taken to the zoo so that they can survive. People take proper care of them, give them food, shelter and allow them to function normally. See,...

Bongo animal near bamboos

coloring page bongo animal near bamboos
The bongo is a typical animal that lives in Africa. You can see him in the picture. He is just resting near a watering hole in the shade cast by bamboos. Paint the picture and add some...

African elephant in mosaic patterns

African elephant coloring book in mosaic printable patterns
Elephants in Africa are to people the same as a horse or a dog is to us. They live together with people and help them. Therefore, they often...

Map of African cities

Coloring book map of African countries printable for kids
There are 54 countries in Africa. Do you know how to name them all? If not, you can learn them while painting.

African woman with earrings

coloring page African woman with earrings
An African woman with earrings is an everyday sight. The earrings as well as the rest of the jewelry have many meanings, such as whether she is from a wealthy family or...


Coloring page interesting African masks printable template

Interesting masks

Masks in African culture are very important and each means something different. You can paint them in shades of brown or...
South africa flag coloring book printable

South African flag

In the south of Africa is the country of South Africa, or the Republic of South Africa. Their flag is as integral as any other, its...
coloring page strange masks of folk culture from africa

Strange masks of popular culture

In Africa, people believe in various Gods and in nature. Often, to honor a certain God they wear special masks. Color...
Printable wild forest waterfall coloring book

Wild forest waterfall

In Africa you can meet not only wonderful animals, but also beautiful sights. Among them is a waterfall, which is immortalized in...
Printable coloring book of two lions on safari

Two lions on safari

You can take a safari tour to see wonderful animals in the wild. This time the tour passes by three entertaining...
Printable coloring book of interesting safari animals

Interesting safari animals

Africa is home to many interesting animals that we can only meet on a trip or at the zoo. Paint a picture and...
Printable coloring book of African politician Nelson Mandela

African politician

There are many countries in Africa, and each of them has its own president or king. This politician is very nicely...
coloring page African woman with a bowl

African woman with a bowl

African women have a different lifestyle than we do in Europe or America. Which is not to say that this does not apply to...
Printable African head with dreadlocks coloring book

African head with dreadlocks

An African head with dreadlocks is a special ritual mask. Each part has some meaning. But your task will be to paint it....