South Park Coloring Book

"South Park" is an American animated comedy series created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. The series debuted on the Comedy Central television station in 1997 and became one of the most famous and controversial shows on television.

Eric Cartman coloring books

Eric Cartman is a fictional character from the popular animated series "South Park." It is an American sitcom created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone'a. The series debuted in...

Timmy Burch from South Park

Timmy Burch coloring book from South Park to print.
Timmy Burch is an invalid. He uses a wheelchair to get around. He is a fourth grade elementary school student. He has a very poor vocabulary.

Stuart McCormick

Stuart McCormick printable coloring book
Stuart McCormick was the father of Kenny , Kevin and Karen. He usually walked around wearing a red big hat on the top of his head. His shirt was turquoise in color....

Sheila Broflovski

Sheila Broflovski coloring book
Ms. Sheila was Kyle's biological mother. Her hair was a flaming red color. A navy blue jacket covered a soft pink shirt that stuck out. The skirt was dark maroon in color.

Sharon Marsh

Sharon Marsh coloring book
Sharon Marsh is the mother of Stan Marsh, and the wife of Randy'Marsh. A loving but strict mother. Her hair is red in color. Her sweater is peach color....

Randy Marsh

Randy Marsh printable coloring book
Randy Marsh father of Stan. One of the main adult characters in the series. Although he has a doctorate in geology, he is portrayed as a blue-sky thinking half-wit. He walked...


Coloring Book Character Stan Marsh

The post Stan Marsh

Stanley "Stan" Marsh - the smartest, of the four friends, the leader of the pack, a fourth grade student at South Park Elementary School. Stan...
South Park characters coloring book for kids to print

South Park characters

The image introduces us to the four main characters from South Park. They are Kenny McCormic, Eric Cartman, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski....
Linda Stotch coloring book from South Park

Linda Stotch from South Park

Linda Stotch is an engineer by training and sits on the city council as treasurer. She walks around dressed in a maroon sweater and a purple...
Printable Kenny McCormick coloring book from South Park

Kenny McCormic from South Park

Kenneth " Kenny" McCormic one of the main characters of South Park Township, always dressed in a distinctive orange parka covering almost...
Jimmy Valmer coloring book from South Park for kids

Jimmy Valmer from South Park for kids

Jimmy Valmer a fourth grade student at South Park Elementary School. Despite his disability, he is an incorrigible optimist and always gushes with humor....
Grandpa Marvin Marsh coloring book from South Park

Grandpa Marvin Marsh from South Park

Marvin Marsh is Stan Marsh's grandfather. He is a member of the Hare Club for Men and is trying to convince Stan to make him...
Gerald Broflovski coloring book from South Park

Gerald Broflovski of South Park

Gerald Broflovski is a lawyer by profession. He loves dolphins, his dream is to become one of them, for this purpose....
Coloring Book Girl Wendy Testaburger

Wendy Testaburger's girlfriend

Wendy Testaburger was a fourth grade student at South Park Elementary School. She walked around wearing a purple cap and a jacket, pants,...
Coloring Book Chef from South park

Chef from South Park

Jerome McElroy more widely known as Chef from the town of South Park, one of the main characters. He is an African-American with a penchant for...
Craig Tucker's South park printable coloring book

Craig Tucker from South Park

Craig Tucker is one of the fourth grade students at South Park Elementary School, a gang leader. Craig is a white-skinned boy....


  1. Animation style: "South Park" is known for its distinctive animation style, which uses the cut-out animation technique. Characters are created from cut-out pieces of computer paper, which gives them a distinctive look.
  2. Main characters: The series focuses on the adventures of four boys, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick, living in the small town of South Park, Colorado.
  3. Controversial humor: "South Park" is known for its controversial and often provocative humor that addresses politics, popular culture, religion and other sensitive topics. The creators do not shy away from controversy and often approach topics in a satirical manner.
  4. Fast production time: One episode of "South Park" is produced in just six days, allowing the creators to respond to current events and topics.
  5. Supporting characters: In addition to the main characters, the series abounds in supporting characters, who often appear in different episodes and have their own distinctive characteristics.
  6. Parodies of well-known figures: "South Park" is famous for its parodies of well-known figures from pop culture, politics and the media. Many well-known public figures appeared in the series as fictional characters.
  7. Exploding Kenny: Earlier seasons of the series often ended with a tragic accident related to the character Kenny, who died in each episode in a different, often absurd way.
  8. Continuation of themes: Although most episodes have a separate plot, there are sometimes plots that continue in several subsequent episodes, creating so-called "longer stories."
  9. Critics' appreciation: Despite the controversy, "South Park" has won critical acclaim for its originality, satire and ability to comment on current events.
  10. Awards: "South Park" has won many awards, including several Emmy Awards, for excellence in animation and comedy.


  1. Amazing production time: As mentioned earlier, an episode of "South Park" is produced in just six days. This is a very fast production time compared to standard animated series.
  2. Characteristic language and swearing: "South Park" is known for its use of curse words and offensive language, adding to its controversial nature. Some words were repeatedly censored during the broadcast.
  3. Original title of the pilot: The first pilot episode of the series was titled "Jesus vs. Frosty." It was a short film created by the creators even before the official start of "South Park" production.
  4. References to reality: Many events and characters in "South Park" are inspired by reality. The creators often refer to current political, cultural and social events.
  5. Creators' independence: Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the series' creators, maintain control over the production and content of "South Park." Some episodes are created just days before airing, allowing them to react to the latest developments.
  6. Music and songs: "South Park" is famous for creating funny and controversial songs that often fall on deaf ears. Examples include "Blame Canada" from the movie "South Park: Original Sin" and "Kyle's Mom's a Bitch" from the episode "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo."
  7. The post Butters: The character of Butters Stotch was originally intended to be a one-off gag, but he was so well-liked by viewers that he became a permanent part of the cast.
  8. Character resemblance: The characters in "South Park" have very simple shapes and faces, which makes them easily recognizable. However, this simplicity also allows for a variety of expressions and facial expressions.
  9. Continuation of the seasons: In some episodes, "South Park" episodes are continued in subsequent seasons, creating a certain plot continuity, which is rare in comedy series.
  10. Blockade in China: Because of its controversial content and criticism of China, "South Park" has been banned in China, and its name and references to the series have become taboo on the Chinese online forum Weibo.
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