Cab Coloring Book

A cab, also known as a cab, is a means of public transportation that offers to carry passengers for short distances in cities and other areas.

Antique car

old cab coloring book to print
Any of the cab drivers and anyone who associates this car will have great fondness for it, because this is what cabs looked like in the old days....

A car to pick people up

car to pick people up coloring book
Another cab in the picture, which we will have to color carefully of course. The car you see in the picture will join other cab drivers' cars in the...

Picking up people

cab coloring book online
Driving people to places that they indicate are tasks that a cab driver does every day. This time the car driver is driving a lady to a very important business meeting,...

Car keys

car keys coloring book to print
Doors are opened with a key, but the keys you see in the picture are not ordinary keys and do not open the door to a house or apartment with them. These...

Cab driver at work

cab driver at work coloring book to print
Who is a cab driver, who among you knows? He is a person who drives a car called a cab, which he uses to transport people to different places in the city. A cab driver can be picked up by...

Cab for kids

cab for kids coloring book to print
Someone has just called a cab because they need to get to the other end of town quickly. The cab is going as fast as it can to get its passengers to...


Cab drawing

cab drawing coloring book to print
This drawing seems very simple, it is just a few dashes that represent a cab. This is the way the plates are arranged for the UBER cab. There are different cabs in the world,...

Cab on the shop floor

cab at the garage coloring book to print
This car is no longer running. Unfortunately, it broke down and needs the help of professionals. In the picture, we can see the cab waiting in the auto repair shop to be repaired by...

Cab and cab driver

cab and cab driver coloring book to print
This gentleman is waving right at you! He is a cab driver, he is very nice and gives people a ride to different places in his cheerful cab. I think there will be more...

Cab at a standstill

cab at a stop coloring book to print
There are taxi ranks in every city. Usually next to main streets or railroad stations. All cars must have "cab" written on the roof of the cab rank ....

Cab for kids

cab for kids coloring book to print
This car is a cab, you can get into it, ask the driver to take you to another place in the city and he will take you! Sometimes even...

Luggage cab

luggage cab coloring book to print
This cab has a special large trunk to carry suitcases, bags and anything else that people carry with them. Cabs are often driven by people who are...

Car Taxi

car cab coloring book to print
Do you know what a TAXI is? This is how special cars that take people to different places are labeled, i.e. cabs. With this inscription you can immediately recognize them....


  1. Transportation service: Taxis are available to passengers on a short-distance rental basis or by distance or travel time. They are among the most accessible means of public transportation in cities around the world.
  2. Characteristics: Taxis are usually marked with special signs, colors or markings on the roof to make them easily recognizable. They are often painted in vibrant colors such as yellow, black or white to make them stand out on the road.
  3. Cab drivers: Cab drivers, known as cab drivers, must have the proper credentials, license and knowledge of the city or area in which they work. In some places, it is also necessary to undergo medical examinations and criminal background checks.
  4. Payments: Passengers pay for the use of a cab based on a fare, which may include distance, travel time, initial charge and any additional charges, such as a baggage fee or payment for use of the service at night.
  5. Cab ordering apps: In the digital age, many cabs are using mobile apps that allow passengers to order cabs and track their arrival on a map. Examples include Uber, Lyft and Bolt.
  6. Special cabs: In addition to traditional cabs, there are also special cabs, such as cabs suitable for transporting the disabled, limousine cabs and water cabs in some cities.
  7. History: The first motorized cab appeared in the 19th century in Germany. However, vehicles carrying passengers for pay were already in operation before that, for example, in the form of horse-drawn carriages.
  8. An icon of urban culture: Taxis have become an integral part of urban culture in many cities around the world. They are seen in movies, TV series, commercials and books, making them an integral part of the urban landscape.
  9. Friendly environment: In recent years, many cities have been introducing electric or hybrid cabs to reduce environmental impact and emissions.


  1. First motorized cab service: The first motorized cab was developed by German engineer Gottlieb Daimler in 1897. It was the so-called "Daimler Victoria", which was equipped with a two-stroke internal combustion engine.
  2. The color yellow in New York: In New York, cabs have a distinctive yellow color that has almost become a symbol of the city. The idea of introducing this color originated in the 1960s to make cabs more visible on the streets.
  3. Cabs around the world: Taxis have different colors in different places around the world. For example, in London cabs are black, in Mexico they are pink, and in Paris they are silver.
  4. Uber and the revolution in the cab industry: Uber, founded in 2009, sparked a revolution in the cab industry by introducing a ride-sharing model based on a mobile app, making it possible for regular drivers to provide transportation services.
  5. The most expensive cab: Dubai has a luxury cab service, the Bugatti Veyron, which is considered one of the fastest and most expensive cars in the world. The price of a ride in this cab is much higher than traditional cabs.
  6. Highest number of kilometers traveled: The record for the highest number of kilometers traveled by a cab belongs to one in a Honda Accord, which has traveled more than 2.6 million kilometers.
  7. Oldest continuously operating cab service: Germany has the oldest continuously operating cab service, which began operations in 1897.
  8. Searching for a cab in New York City: In New York, there is a special audible signal with which to indicate that you are interested in taking a cab. It is three whistles on the street that hail a cab.
  9. Space cab: In 2001, a Russian space cab took astronauts to the International Space Station. It was called "Taksi" and was part of the Soyuz program.
  10. Unusual cabs: Unusual cabs can be found in some parts of the world, such as water cabs in Venice or camel cabs in some regions of the Middle East.
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