Transformers Coloring Book

Transformers robots are certainly well associated with cartoons. These are unusual machines that can change very quickly into a completely different robot. In this section you will find almost all the most popular machines from this series. On the right side in the sidebar there are other paintings related to a similar theme.

Robot Last Knight

robot the last knight coloring book online
Today we move with this unusual painting to the world of robots. As you can see in the picture there is quite unusual and controversial character which...

Optimus Prime in action

optimus prime in action coloring book online
In front of us is one of the largest transformers robots, which has extraordinary capabilities. If you have ever watched a movie with this character, you have a much easier task,...

The post Rescue Bots

Character Rescue Bots coloring book online
This robot you certainly know very well from the fairy tale or the movie transformers, which you had the opportunity to watch more than once. This time we meet face...

Daddy bear and son

daddy bear and sonny bear coloring book to print
The toy store has recently received new visitors - a little bear and his daddy. Color them, using lots of colors, so that the children who see the bears...

Angry birds transformers

angry birds transformers coloring book to print
Are you familiar with Angry Birds and Transformers? Someone decided to combine both and create a robot that will be one of the birds. Color the whole picture so that the color,...

Lego transformers robot

lego transformers robot coloring book to print
LEGO company, very often produces toys that are thematically related to other productions - movies or cartoons. The picture shows one of the newly designed...


Transformers optimus

transformers optimus coloring book to print
Optimus is the leader of the Autobots. He can transform himself into a truck, into a fighting car and into a super truck. He is a very unique character because he has w...

Transformers megatron

transformers megatron coloring book to print
Megatron is a transformer who is the leader of one of the Autobot groups. He belongs to the evil transformers and wants to steal the secret Omega Cipher from the good transformers. Color him,...

Transformers robot rescue bots

transformers robot rescue bots coloring book to print
Rescue bots, is a series featuring the story of four Autobots who are sent to Earth to protect humans. Color the picture to...

Transformers cyberverse

transformers cyberverse coloring book to print
Transformers Cyberverse is a television series that depicts the story of one of the transformers, Bumblebee. He was sent with a special mission to Earth, but unfortunately...

Transformers robots

robots transformers coloring book to print
Transformes robots decided to color their parts with lacquer, in many colors, to celebrate the carnival. How many robots do you see in the picture? Color each of them by choosing the ...

Grimlock transformers dinosaur

grimlock transformers dinosaur coloring book printable
The picture shows one of the robots that can transform into a dinosaur. What dinosaur does the one in the picture remind you of? Color it using the green...

Transformers sideswipe

transformers sideswipe coloring book to print
Sideswipe is an autobot that is dedicated to carrying out specialized fast missions. It is armed with long blades and two projectile throwers. Despite the robot's...

Transformers robot bumblebee

transformers robot bumblebee coloring book to print
Bumbleblee is a character who is one of the more famous and dapper Autobots. His name translates as "Bumbleblee," so think about what colors are best...

The Last Transformers Knight

the last knight transformers printable picture
The Last Knight is, however, one of the main characters of the robot fairy tale that is Transformers. The nickname last knight is not without reason, because the character who it...

Robo-auto transformers

robot auto picture to print
Man, who is a robot and suddenly turns into a car that starts speeding very fast through the streets. Such things only in transformers or very...

Large robot

robot printable picture
The most important thing to remember is that you can't just walk into a room and see what's going on, but you can see what's going on. In these cartoons all the time there is fast action and fighting ...


  1. Beginning: The Transformers toy line was created by Hasbro, an American toy and game company, and Takara Tomy, a Japanese toy and game company. The first Transformers toys appeared on the market in 1984.
  2. Toys: Transformers toys are known for their ability to change, "transform," from vehicles (such as cars, planes, tanks) into robots and vice versa.
  3. Fractions: In the Transformers world, there are two main factions of robots: Autobots and Decepticons. The Autobots are the "good" robots who fight to protect Earth and other planets from the Decepticons, the "evil" robots who want domination of the universe.
  4. Movies and Series: The original Transformers animated series first aired between 1984 and 1987, and since then there have been a variety of Transformers-related series and movies, including a popular live-action film series directed by Michael Bay.
  5. Comics: Transformers comics have been published by various publishers over the years, including Marvel Comics, IDW Publishing and Dreamwave Productions.
  6. Games: There are many video games based on Transformers, both for consoles and computers.
  7. Merchandising: In addition to toys, movies, TV series and comics, there are also many other Transformers-related products, such as clothing, accessories, school supplies and more.
  8. Original Characters: The first characters in the Transformers universe were Optimus Prime, leader of the Autobots, and Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. Since then, many other characters have appeared, and some of them have become as popular as the original characters.
  9. Technology: In the Transformers universe, robots are advanced machines capable of thinking and feeling. They are powered by a "spark," which is the source of life for every Transformers.
  10. Cosmos: The world of Transformers encompasses many different planets, including Cybertron, home of the Transformers robots.


  1. Renaming: Many Transformers characters have had different names in different countries. For example, in Japan, Optimus Prime is known as "Convoy."
  2. Original Concept: The original Transformers concept came from two different toy lines in Japan: Diaclone and Microman. Hasbro combined these two toy lines and created Transformers.
  3. Voice of Optimus Prime: The voice of Optimus Prime in the original animated series and many later adaptations was provided by Peter Cullen. Cullen said he was inspired by the voice of his brother, who was a war veteran, to create a heroic and authoritative voice for Optimus Prime.
  4. Cameo in Films: In the live-action Transformers movies, many of the vehicles used as Autobots and Decepticons are actual car brands, such as Chevrolet, Audi and Mercedes-Benz.
  5. Bumblebee: Bumblebee is one of the most popular characters in the Transformers universe. He was originally a small, yellow Volkswagen Beetle, but in the live-action films he was depicted as a Chevrolet Camaro.
  6. Unicron: Unicron, who first appeared in the 1986 film "The Transformers: The Movie," is one of the biggest and most powerful characters in the Transformers universe. He is a planet-eater, which means he can consume entire planets.
  7. Kre-o: Hasbro has introduced the Kre-o Transformers toy line, which is similar to LEGO, but with dedicated sets for Transformers.
  8. Transformers: Combiners: Some Transformers characters can combine to create an even larger robot. For example, five different Decepticons robots can combine to create one giant robot called Devastator.
  9. Beast Wars: "Beast Wars" is a spin-off of Transformers, in which characters transform into animals instead of vehicles. It is an equally popular series that has gained its own group of fans.
  10. Delayed Success: Although Transformers are now a global phenomenon, the toys did not sell well when they were first introduced. It was only after the introduction of the animated series in 1984 that interest in Transformers grew, leading to the success of the toy line.
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