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Hinduism is an Indian religion that has become part of the indigenous culture on the Indian subcontinent. It is considered the world's oldest religion still in existence and comes from the earliest distinct eastern traditions. The faith coexists with other religions such as Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. The faith is mainly based on three pillars: belief, worship and religious practice. It encompasses the whole gamut of faithful practices, from meditation, prayers and rituals, to reading and retelling stories and cultural tales related to the myths and traditions of Hinduism. Here we will learn about interesting coloring books related specifically to this religion.

Hinduism - interesting facts and history

Hinduism is made up of many different aspects of faith that include everything from meditation and prayer to doing good for others. This belief system has a long history and originated in most ancient Indian traditions. It is best described as the various aspects of life that follow Hindu philosophy and beliefs. The goal of Hinduism is spiritual enlightenment - the attainment of ultimate happiness and harmony through the knowledge of transcendent truth.

1 Hindus believe that there are many powerful gods, such as Ganesha, Shiva and Vishnu.
2 In Hinduism, there are special rituals and ceremonies that take place from birth to death.
3 Some Hindu temples have game boards or other entertainment centers.
4. traditional dress of Hindus may include items that symbolize religious belief.
5. Hinduism recognizes reincarnation, or being born again after death.
6 Hindus often practice meditation as a way to better understand themselves and the universe.
7 According to Hinduism, all souls are omnipotent, immortal and eternal.
8 Hindus believe that breathing techniques and yogic exercises are an effective way to achieve universal consciousness.
9 The so-called 'Dharma' is the moral fist according to which all people should live.
10. success in Hinduism is considered a force that transcends death.

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