Three Kings Coloring Book

"The Three Kings," also known as the Three Wise Men or the Three Magi, are characters associated with the biblical account of the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas crib - Three Kings

Christmas nativity scene coloring book
We see the scene in front of the Christmas crib. A little angel flies above it. We see the little Jesus lying in the manger and the parents namely Mary and Joseph. There appear...

Three Kings

Three Kings printable coloring book for kids
The Three Kings set out on a long journey to find the newborn Jesus. They had with them gifts of gold frankincense and myrrh, which they wanted to give to Christ. Color the picture...

Three Kings with gifts

Three Kings coloring book with printable gifts for children
This picture is quite difficult, it contains a lot of elements but you will definitely manage. Here are the Three Kings holding gifts for Jesus. You can see that their...

Three Kings in the Nativity scene

Printable coloring book of the three kings in the nativity scene
The picture shows us the stable where the baby Jesus was conceived. His mother Mary is here, as well as Joseph, together taking care of the little one. On the right side...

The Three Kings are laying down their gifts

coloring page three kings make gifts
The Three Kings, upon arriving at Jesus, fell to their knees and paid homage to him. Each of them had gifts they wanted to bestow on the born. Color the Kings...

Three Kings lead camels

Coloring page of the three Kings leading the camels
The Three Kings had a huge road to travel to reach the birthplace of Jesus. They were led by the star of Bethlehem visible above their heads. Each of the Kings...


Three Kings over Jesus printable coloring book

Three Kings over Jesus

Three Kings from the East came to welcome the born Jesus, they brought Him gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts. In the picture we see...
Printable coloring book of the three Kings near the nativity scene

Three Kings near the nativity scene

The picture shows us the most beautiful moment of the holiday which is certainly Christmas. The nativity scene and the birth is a great symbol for...
Coloring book Three Kings give gifts to Jesus

Three Kings give gifts to Jesus

Night had already come when the Three Kings found the stable with the tiny Jesus. As we can see in the picture, Mother Mary is holding on...
coloring book three Kings fairy tale characters printable

Three Kings fairy tale characters

The picture shows the Three Kings in a fairy tale version. They came from afar to bestow gifts on the born Jesus. Each of them...
coloring page gifts from the Three Kings

Gifts from the Three Kings

According to the legends preached by the Catholic Church, after the birth of Christ, the Three Kings from the East went to find the Newborn Child. As...
coloring book three - 3 kings printable

Three kings coloring book

The picture shows 3 kings who went to welcome the baby Jesus. They were Casper, Melchior and Balthazar,...


Description: The Three Kings are figures who, according to the New Testament, came to Bethlehem to worship the newborn Jesus. They brought with them gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Biblical Context: The story of the Three Kings comes from the Gospel of Matthew (2:1-12) in the New Testament. According to this account, the Kings followed a star that led them to the birthplace of Jesus.

Symbolism of the Gifts: Gold, frankincense and myrrh were gifts conveying symbolic meaning. Gold represented Jesus' royalty, frankincense alluded to his divinity, and myrrh was associated with his human nature and suffering.

Cultural Performances: In fine arts and popular culture, the Three Kings are often depicted as figures with different appearances, coming from different regions and bearing the names Melchior, Gaspar and Balthazar.

Epiphany: Many countries celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, which commemorates the arrival of the Kings to Jesus. This holiday is celebrated with different rites and customs depending on the culture.

Icon of Divine Revelation: The story of the Three Kings is an important part of the Christian message about God's revelation of Himself in the form of Jesus Christ.

Educational Value: The story of Epiphany is often used in religious education and catechization as a tool to convey biblical events and their meaning.

Iconography and Art: The Three Kings are a common motif in iconography, painting, sculpture and other forms of sacred art.

Theological Interpretations: In Christian theology, there are various interpretations of the meaning of the Three Kings, referring to their role in the heralding of Jesus as King, Priest and Man.

Between Fidelity and Tradition: The story of the Three Kings combines biblical elements with cultural traditions and imagery to create a complex and fascinating tale.


  1. Three Wise Men from the East: In Matthew's Gospel, they are described as "wise men from the East," but neither their names nor their number are mentioned. The names of Melchior, Gaspar and Balthasar come from tradition, and first appeared in a text authored by Tertullian in the 3rd century.
  2. Prophecies and the Star of Bethlehem: According to Christian tradition, the Three Kings discovered an extraordinary star that showed them the way to the birth of Jesus. This is a reference to a prophecy from the Book of Numbers in the Old Testament.
  3. Symbolism of the Gifts: The Three Kings brought Jesus three precious gifts: gold, frankincense and myrrh. Gold symbolizes Jesus' royalty, frankincense represents His divine nature, and myrrh is associated with His human nature and suffering.
  4. Epiphany - the Feast of the Epiphany: In the Christian tradition, the Feast of the Epiphany (Epiphany) is celebrated on January 6. This holiday commemorates the arrival of the Kings in Bethlehem and the event of God's revelation of Jesus to the world.
  5. Balthazar - King from Africa: According to tradition, Balthazar was portrayed as a man of African descent, hence he is sometimes depicted with a dark complexion of skin. His gift was a colored incense crystal.
  6. Icons and Sacred Art: The Three Kings are a frequent motif in sacred art, whether in painting, sculpture or Christian iconography. Images of the Kings have great religious and cultural significance.
  7. Cultural Rituals and Traditions: Many countries, especially Catholic ones, celebrate Epiphany, often accompanying processions or liturgical ceremonies.
  8. Symbol of the Unity of Peoples: The arrival of the Three Kings symbolically represents the unity of all peoples and nations in worshiping Jesus as the Messiah.
  9. Presence in Popular Culture: The story of the Three Kings has influenced popular culture. They appear in literature, movies, Christmas carols and other artistic works.
  10. Theological Significance: The presence of the Three Kings in the story of Jesus' birth also has a profound theological significance, emphasizing the universal importance of the preaching of the Gospel for all people.
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