Ballerina Coloring Pages

All of the pictures that you will find here are related to the concept of ballet. Everything what is related to this dance can be found in this category. On the right side beside coloring pages there are other categories if you want to look for something different and paint other pictures. We try to provide you with new pictures from time to time, which you will like and want to paint.

Learning ballet lessons

We see a beautifully dressed girl who looks like a princess. She is taking ballet lessons. For this you need special shoes which are called ballerinas. See in...

Dancing ballerinas

Dancing ballerinas picture to print
Those girls in the picture have definitely been going to a dance school for ballerinas for a very long time. They're even performing a dance routine they learned together...

Ballerina dress

Ballerina dress picture to print
All girls know very well that ballerinas have beautiful dresses! Most girls when she was still little dreamed of such dresses! Today to color ...

Ballet tuition

Little ballerinas picture to print
The little girls decided to start learning ballet. They liked it very much so they decided to go to the first lesson. They are still very small, one of...

Ballerina shoes

Ballerina shoes picture to print
Pointy - as these shoes are called - are professional ballet dance shoes. They are stiffened at the point where the toes are...

Learning in a dance lesson

Ballet dancers in a dance lesson picture to print
As you know, before each dance you need to stretch well in order not to get injured while dancing. Girls in ballet class have special stretches for this purpose.


Barbie the ballerina

Barbie ballerina picture to print
Girls like to play with dolls when they are little. Sometimes you have a whole lot of them. A real lucky girl is the one who once had a doll...

The ballerina rests

Ballerina rests picture to print
During dance lessons, ballerinas also have breaks and time to rest. Girls who are not tired during this time stretch, do twine or...

A ballerina is practicing

Ballerina practices printable picture
It's quite a challenge to lift your leg as high as this ballerina! And at the same time keeping the right body position, arms and legs! These are long...

Learning ballet girls

Ballerina printable picture
The most important thing to remember is that you can't be a ballet dancer if you're not a ballet dancer. It takes a really long time and it is very difficult...

The ballerina performs

The ballerina performs a picture to print
Did you too, as a little girl, always want to become a little ballerina and know how to dance like them? Probably most girls dreamed of being able to...

This dance originated in Italy and was particularly popular in court shows. It first appeared in the 15th century. In particular Domenico da Piacenza and his two students: Antonio Cornazzano and Guglielmo Ebreo contributed to it. Nowadays in Poland there are more and more ballet schools but it's not an easy dance and it requires a lot of dedication. More than once you might have seen what a ballet dancer's feet look like after intensive trainings. They have specific shoes which are called ballerinas.

You can find many different types of videos on the net that deal with this subject or on youtube there are various types of dance courses. We have a section where you can colour these dance characters. Recently on our portal pictures to paint online are becoming more and more popular. We would like to thank you for accepting so many of them and for being happy with this additional option which you requested not so long ago.