Aladdin Coloring Book

Let's meet another of the categories of Disney's fairy tales, it is based on the book of the Thousand and One Nights, about which we will tell you a little more below. The main characters that appear in the fairy tale and our coloring pages to print or color online are, of course, Alladin, Jasmine, Jin, Sultan, Jafar and others. Wonderful adventures await them in this novel. If you haven't had a chance to watch them, after coloring the pictures we encourage everyone to watch.

Tiger and Jasmine from the fairy tale

tiger and jasmine coloring book printable.
See the picture of the beautiful tiger that the fairy tale princess was not afraid of. She approached him and together after a while they trotted in...

Flying carpet

flying carpet coloring book with fairy tale
You have surely heard about the flying carpet from time to time. Now you will have the opportunity to color it yourself, either on our website when you choose the online version...

Sultan and the enchanted lamp

coloring book Sultan and the enchanted lamp
Here we see just how the lamp with the genie falls into the wrong hands to the Sultan. How it ends you can see for yourself by watching the adventures of the characters from...

Big fairy genie

Coloring book big genie from disney's fairy tale
This picture captures just how big the Genie from this mysterious night lamp is. He has immense powers and can work wonders. He can't...

Princess Jasmine from Disney

Princess Jasmine coloring book from disney to print
Wonderful princess that all the girls will want to paint. Quite simple picture so there is no problem for both the younger people to ...

Princess Jasmine and Alladin

Another picture depicting a scene from the fantastic fairy tale Alladin. In the picture we can see the beautiful princess Jasmine and Alladin. They are missing only colors, so it's time to use crayons...


Aladdin's flying carpet

An interesting picture with an amazing carpet that can fly. Alladin is flying on it together with his beloved princess Jasmine. Probably each of us would like to have such...

Alladin with a monkey

Another interesting coloring page with Alladin, which will not be boring. You will definitely have fun coloring this coloring page. All you have to do is to print it and...

Colouring book from the fairy tale Alladyn

Another very cool coloring book from the category Alladin. In the picture we see Alladin with Gin. Since they met they became good friends. Everybody liked to watch these...

Alladin with a princess

You surely remember this nice couple from the fairy tale Alladin. This is another painting from this series. Print and do what you want with this painting....

Aladdin's lamp

Alladin has captured a lamp, but I don't think he quite knows what to do to get Gin to come out of it and grant him all his wishes. On...

Alladin with Gin

Such a Gin from the lamp as Alladin had would like to have everyone. He would fulfill all our wishes that we can think of. This is a simple coloring book, with which ...

Parrot and monkey from the fairy tale Alladyn

If you have watched the fairy tale Alladin, these animals will surely be familiar to you. They are very friendly animals that always helped Alladin. Now you can download these ...

Disney Princess Jasmine from Alladin

Here you can color a beautiful princess as seen in the fairy tale with the adventures of Alladin and the mysterious magic lamp which inside has Gin who...

Alladin on a flying carpet with a princess

He is a very nice character who appeared in many different kinds of cartoons and full-length movies. We can meet her in various online games ...


  1. Premiere: The animated film "Alladin" premiered in 1992 and was produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation.
  2. Main characters:

    • Alladin: a young street boy who falls in love with Princess Jasmine.
    • Djinn: a mythical creature that appears from a magic lamp and has the power to grant three wishes.
    • Princess Jasmina: a brave and independent princess who wants to live outside the palace walls.
    • Jafar: villain, ruler of Agrabah, who seeks to gain power through the lamp.
  3. Music: Songs for the film were written by Alan Menken, Howard Ashman and Tim Rice. One of the songs, "A Whole New World," won the Academy Award for Best Original Song.
  4. Awards: The movie "Alladin" won many awards, including two Oscars - for Best Original Song and Best Original Score.
  5. Sequels and spin-offs: Based on the success of "Alladin," Disney created two sequels: "Alladin: The Return of Jafar" (1994) and "Alladin and the King of Thieves" (1996). There was also an animated series and numerous computer games.
  6. Realistic adaptation: In 2019, Disney released a realistic adaptation of "Alladin," directed by Guy Ritchie and starring Will Smith as the Genie.
  7. Broadway: "Alladin" was adapted into a Broadway musical, which debuted in 2014. The musical, like the film, won acclaim from critics and audiences alike.
  8. Inspirations: The character of Genie, in the animated version of the film, was created specifically with Robin Williams in mind. The actor added many of his own improvisations to the role, which significantly enriched the character.


  1. Robin Williams' improvisations: Robin Williams, who lent his voice to the Genie, was so full of energy and improvisation during the recordings that the filmmakers had material for more than 16 hours of dialogue! Many of these improvisations made it into the final version of the film.
  2. Not for Oscar: Due to Williams' numerous improvisations, the film could not be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay.
  3. Princess with hair in black: Jasmina is the only Disney princess with black hair.
  4. Character inspiration: Alladin's look was inspired by actor Michael J. Fox, while initially the creators tried to model themselves after characters such as Tom Cruise.
  5. Secret Mickey: Traditionally, a "hidden Mickey" appears in Disney movies. In "Alladin" we can spot him when Raja turns back into a tiger from a cat.
  6. Changes to the text: The initial lyrics of the song "Arabian Nights" were considered controversial and were changed in later releases of the film to be less stereotypical of Arab culture.
  7. Initially, he was supposed to be younger: In the original concept, Alladin was supposed to be a younger boy, but it was eventually decided to make him older and more mature to better fit the character of Princess Jasmine.
  8. Unfinished song: There was a song entitled "Proud of Your Boy" that Alladin was supposed to sing to his mother. The song was removed, and with it the character of Alladin's mother was cut from the film.
  9. Inspiration for Agrabah: Agrabah, the fictional city in "Alladin," is a mix of many cultures and is modeled after countries and cities such as India, Iran and Morocco.
  10. Two crosses: In one of the initial drafts of the film, Genie was supposed to have two crosses on his arms, a reference to Robin Williams' tattoo crosses. However, it was eventually decided to remove them.


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