Toy Story Coloring Pages

Animated series of American production, which was created in collaboration with Disney. The film tells about unusual games of the main character Andy. On his birthday, the hero gets a new toy astronaut, as it turns out this is his favorite toy. In this section you will find many pictures showing scenes from this animated series.

The hero's favorite toy

coloring page toy story for kids
Surely the toy from today's painting is well known to you. Try to match the colors of pencils to one hundred percent reproduce the colors of this toy...

Skinny Cowboy

cowboy skinny from the fairy tale coloring book online
Today, the famous cowboy Chudy has a performance that he prepared for several months. Before just going on stage he was very embarrassed and unsure of himself....

Skinny cowboy and horse from the show

toy story cowboy coloring book online
The heroes of today's picture you probably already know very well from the series. If you have ever watched this animated adventure, you know very well what kind of...

Sheriff lean Toy Story

sheriff lean toy story coloring book printable
Color the Sheriff shown in the picture. He smiles at you, because he is a very positive character. He is one of those who are a pleasure to watch. A...

Toy Story for kids

toy story for kids coloring book to print
Buzz Lightyear and the Sheriff you see in the picture are characters from the Toy Story cartoon - a favorite of many children around the world. Buzz and the Sheriff...

The Sheriff and Toy Story

sheriff and toy story coloring book to print
Do you recognize the Sheriff? Yes, that's him - the main character from the Toy Story cartoon. Have you watched all the parts? Which one did you like the most? What...


Toy Story Dog

toy story dog coloring book to print
Dog is one of my favorite characters from the popular Toy Story cartoon. Which character was your favorite and why? The dog in the picture is smiling....

Donkey from Toy Story

donkey from toy story coloring book to print
Color the Toy Story donkey you see in the picture with your favorite crayons. Surely you know the Toy Story cartoon and the character of the donkey so...

Toy Story characters

toy story characters coloring book to print
Grab your favorite crayons and color the characters from the Toy Story cartoon. If you've watched the movie, you'll definitely be able to name each one in turn....

Toy Story mystery box

toy story mystery box coloring book printable
Have you seen Toy Story 3? In this installment, Andy goes far away to college and has to give his toys to someone who will take care of them. On...

Toy Story on the Run

toy story printable picture
If you have watched Toy Story at least once in your life, you surely know that the action in this fairy tale is very dynamic and there all the time...

Toy Story flies into space

toy story printable picture
Saved belts and together with Toy Story we move into space. Of course, it's a joke because we won't be flying anywhere right now, we'll just be occupying...

Toy Story and the stove

toy story and dog printable picture
The drawing shows the main character of the children's cartoon Toy Story and the dog with which the main character is. Your task this time will be to choose the right colors...


  1. Release Date: "Toy Story" premiered on November 22, 1995 in the United States.
  2. Directed by: The film was directed by John Lasseter, one of the founders of Pixar.
  3. Cast: The main voice roles in the film were played by Tom Hanks (as Woody), Tim Allen (as Buzz Lightyear), Don Rickles (as Mr. Potato Head), Jim Varney (as Slinky Dog), Wallace Shawn (as Rex) and John Ratzenberger (as Hamm).
  4. Storyline: The film tells the story of toys that come to life when people aren't looking. The main characters are Woody, a cowboy doll, and Buzz Lightyear, an astronaut, who become friends after initial difficulties.
  5. Success: "Toy Story" was a huge success both commercially and artistically. The film earned more than $373 million worldwide and received positive reviews from critics.
  6. Awards: "Toy Story" was nominated for three Oscars, including Best Original Screenplay, Best Original Score and Best Original Song. John Lasseter received a special Oscar for "developing and inspiring this entirely new field of filmmaking."
  7. Sequences: "Toy Story" had three sequels: "Toy Story 2" (1999), "Toy Story 3" (2010) and "Toy Story 4" (2019).
  8. Merchandising: The film generated huge revenues from merchandising, including toys, apparel, school supplies and other "Toy Story" related products.
  9. Meaning: "Toy Story" is considered a landmark work in the history of animation and film. It is the first full-length film created entirely by means of computer animation, which opened the way for many other films of this type.
  10. Technology: To create the film, Pixar developed its own animation software, RenderMan, which is now a state of


  1. First Full-length Computer Animated Film.: "Toy Story" is the first feature-length film created entirely with computer animation. Before Pixar started working on "Toy Story," most of the animation was created by hand.
  2. Changes in the Factory: In the original script, Woody was more sarcastic and unpleasant. The character was changed to a more sympathetic one after receiving negative feedback from the test audience.
  3. Inspired by Real Toys: Most of the characters in the film were based on actual toys. For example, Woody was based on John Lasseter's childhood cowboy doll, and Buzz Lightyear was based on 1960s astronaut toys.
  4. Name Buzz Lightyear: The name Buzz Lightyear was inspired by astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second man to set foot on the moon.
  5. Originally Intended to be a Short Film: Originally, "Toy Story" was to be a 30-minute special film for Christmas. However, Disney decided it wanted a full-length film.
  6. The "O" word: The "O" word is used 381 times in the video, averaging about one "O" per minute of video.
  7. Hidden Mickeys: There are "hidden Mickeys" in the film, which is a typical easter egg in Disney movies. For example, one of them can be seen in the clock on the wall in Andy's room.
  8. Scene from the Bullet: One of the scenes in "Toy Story" is a direct homage to the movie "Bullet" (The Shining). Namely, the pattern on the carpet in one of the scenes is identical to the one in Stanley Kubrick's film.
  9. A reference to Star Trek: When Buzz Lightyear says: "To infinity and beyond!" (To infinity and beyond!), this is a reference to Captain Kirk's saying from "Star Trek": "Where no man has gone before" (Where no man has gone before).
  10. First Oscar Nomination: "Toy Story" was the first animated film to be nominated for an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.
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