Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages

The famous Jerry Mouse and the cat named Tom are well known to all of you from the popular cartoon in which these two characters play the main role. In this category you will find lots of interesting pictures and cut out scenes and other characters from this animated adventure.

Enemies and friends at the same time

tom and jerry together coloring book online
Jerry Mouse and Tom Cat are each other's greatest enemies. They don't digest each other because the cat in every episode chases the mouse and wants to catch it....

Mouse in Birthday Cake

tom and jerry picture for kids
You have to admit now the tomcat had a good idea. He prepared a cake, which he placed on the kitchen table just above Jerry's mouse hole. There was nothing...

The hunt for the little mouse

jerry mouse chase coloring book online
At friends Tom and Jerry, as we see nothing new. Another day and another cat chase after a mouse. The cat can not catch Jerry for a long time....

The mouse won over the cat

tom and jerry coloring book online
Always in this fairy tale the tom cat chases a small innocent mouse who is very afraid of him. Today's painting depicts a rare situation, because now it's...

Lollipop mouse

coloring book jerry mouse online
Jerry mouse found an ice cream in the refrigerator today, which is very big, because as you can see it is much bigger than her. Your task will be to choose the right...

Tom and Jerry main characters

Tom and Jerry main characters coloring book to print
Tom and Jerry are the characters of a very popular cartoon. It was watched very often as a bedtime story by our parents. If you don't know this fairy tale yet...


Tom cat and Jerry mouse resting

tom cat and jerry mouse resting coloring book printable
In the picture, we see Tom Cat and Jerry Mouse resting. They are lying on their tummies and have their heads supported by their hands. Tom is grayish blue and Jerry is...

Innocent Jerry Mouse

innocent mouse Jerry coloring book to print
Jerry is a quiet brown mouse. He is always being chased by Tom the cat. He likes to eat cheese from the refrigerator and trick Tom into doing something so that his lady...

Tom and Jerry rake leaves

tom and jerry rake leaves coloring book to print
Tom and Jerry are a mouse and a cat who like each other very much but are constantly in a race. Here in the picture they are raking leaves. Tom is a gray cat...

Tom, Jerry and Spike the dog

Tom, Jerry and Spike dog coloring book to print
Do you know the characters from the popular cartoon "Tom and Jerry"? They are, of course, Tom and Jerry, but also a large bulldog-type dog named Spike. This time the whole...

Tom and Jerry on the beach

tom and jerry on the beach coloring book to print
Tom and Jerry, who you know from the popular animated cartoon went to the beach together. Jerry is just about to play a prank on Tom, while nothing...

Tom and Jerry taking a bath together

tom and jerry shared bath coloring book to print
Tom and Jerry take a shower together, and it's a lot of fun! Jerry plays with bubbles and Tom scrubs his body to...

Tom and Jerry eat cake

tom and jerry eat cake coloring book to print
The Tom and Jerry you see in the picture are characters from a popular cartoon. Surely you know it or have heard about it before. They are enjoying a delicious...

Tom and Jerry on vacation

tom and jerry printable picture
This time the heroes of the cartoon or Tom and Jerry went to the sea on vacation. As you can see, no matter if they are at home or on a...

Tom chases Jerry mouse

tom and jerry printable picture
It is not surprising to see Tom the cat as he chases little innocent mouse Jerry, because such scenes are seen in every episode of this cartoon. The always evil tom cat...

Jerry Mouse

jerry mouse printable picture
As usual, the little innocent mouse is scared and afraid that Tom the cat is about to find her and attack her. In every fairy tale, these two main...


This animated series is produced in the United States and Canada. It is created entirely with computer animation, so there are no humans in it but everything happens with the help of specialized graphic designers.

The whole series is about an unusual conflict between two main characters which are a mouse and a cat. There have already been over two hundred episodes and the interesting thing is that in none of them Tom has not yet caught Jerry. All the time the nimble mouse runs away from him, despite the fact that the cat especially to catch her make a lot of traps for her.

Tom Cat - portrayed as a gray-blue cat. You have to admit that it is very creative and persistent, because in each episode he tries to do everything to catch a small mouse. Very often while chasing the mouse he gets bumped quite hard, despite this he never gives up and continues to chase the mouse.

Jerry- A mouse that has a pretty stressful life because he is constantly looking to see if a tomcat is lurking somewhere. You have to be careful at every step, because she never knows what will happen next. She is very lucky, she always manages to get out of the trap and escape to her little burrow.


  1. Original Names: In the original version of the pilot episode, Tom and Jerry had different names - Jasper and Jinx, respectively.
  2. Awards: "Tom and Jerry" won 7 Academy Awards for Best Animated Short Film - more than any other animated film.
  3. Plenty of Episodes: Hanna and Barbera wrote and directed 114 episodes of "Tom and Jerry" from 1940 to 1958.
  4. No Dialogue: Most "Tom and Jerry" episodes do not contain dialogue, making the series easy to understand for viewers around the world, regardless of language.
  5. Influence on Pop Culture: "Tom and Jerry" had a huge impact on pop culture and inspired many other films, TV series and comic books.
  6. New Versions: In addition to the original series, there have been many new versions, spin-offs and "Tom and Jerry" movies.
  7. Comic: In addition to the TV series, "Tom and Jerry" were also characters in many comic books.
  8. Games: There are many video games based on "Tom and Jerry," both for consoles and computers.
  9. Fast-paced Action: "Tom and Jerry" are known for their fast pace, slapstick humor and comic violence, which have become hallmarks of the series.
  10. Censorship: Some "Tom and Jerry" episodes have been censored or withdrawn from broadcast due to content that may be considered offensive from a contemporary perspective.
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