Dodge Coloring Book

Another brand of cars has arrived on our website - this time the American manufacturer. Its cars are unique, which you can find out right away if you take a peek below, where great coloring pages with these American vehicles are already waiting for you. Choose whatever you like, there are sports as well as classic big pick ups - the choice as always is left to you.

1939 Pickup

1939 pickup truck coloring book printable dodge
As we can see an old car, however, just such cars were produced in the years 1930 - 1950 it was one of the most popular cars in the USA.

Dodge stamp

dodge stamp coloring book to print
You've probably seen the stamps on cars that signify their make, their name. Each badge is assigned to a different car company. This one in the picture is a car company badge...

Police dodge

police dodge coloring book to print
Would you like to be a police officer? They drive such cool cars. They're silver and blue, and they have loud sirens! You can color this police car as you like, though.

New Dodge Charger

new dodge charger coloring book to print
Today there is a new Dodge Charger to color. This is no ordinary car. It's a powerhouse. It's a little bit like a tank. In a car like this, even little kids feel...

Dodge viper

dodge viper coloring book to print
Color please, and preferably use bright colors, because it's not a car but an almost fiery missile. It's fast and tough. Its round shape and spoilers...

Dodge charger

dodge charger coloring book to print
See the car in the picture? It is fast and very safe, you can drive it with the whole family. Make it look like your dream car that you will drive....


Dodge challenger

dodge challenger coloring book to print
Four wheels and two doors - that's what this unique car looks like. You can take it on long trips, because it is very fast and has a...

Dodge challenger on the field

dodge challenger on the field coloring book to print
This car is different from others. It has four wheels like most cars, but it only has two doors. Only two people can drive it....

Dodge pick up

dodge pick up coloring book to print
The picture shows a Dodge pick up truck. This is a large off-road car, for which no obstacle is terrible. In addition, it has a large trunk thanks to...

Dodge ram monster truck

dodge ram monster truck coloring book to print
This big car is at your disposal today. Pay attention to how big its wheels are. Thanks to this, no road is an obstacle for him. Even...

Dodge ram

dodge ram coloring book to print
This car, which you see in the picture, performs very well both on asphalt and on uneven stones or forest roads. And you can see what it has...

Dodge police car

dodge police car printable picture
Police in USA have much better cars than police officers in Poland. The car you see in the picture is a Dodge sports car, which is used by police officers in...

Dodge - are American cars for a variety of purposes. The manufacturer produces virtually all options. From passenger cars, sports cars to vans and large SUVs as well as the so-called muscle cars. Its headquarters is located in Auburn Hills since 1913.

History - This company was founded by brothers, they were: John Francis and Horace Elgin - at the very beginning they did not produce vehicles, but what is interesting bicycles and all kinds of parts for different cars. Only in 1901, after moving the factory to Detorit, did this change and the production of flagship models and recognition of this brand from the USA began. Not everyone probably knows that during World War I, this manufacturer sold trucks to the army and thanks to this began its rapid growth. The brand was purchased for $146 million by Chrysler. Recently, an increasingly popular model is the Durango.