Tesla Coloring Pages

Tesla, Inc. is a U.S.-based automotive and technology company that is primarily known for producing electric cars, electric power systems and advanced energy and transportation-related technologies.

Electric car interior

electric car interior coloring book online
A lot of you have surely wondered what the interior of an electric car looks like. So today you have the opportunity to take a closer look at it while coloring....

Sports electric car

sports electric car coloring book online
Back in 2011, no one had heard of electric cars from under the sign of Tesla. It was a year later in 2012 that the first model was created, which...

Car with doors that open upwards

car with doors open up coloring book
A rare sight on the streets of our country are just cars that have doors that open upwards. One of the newer Tesla models has just such...

Family buys Tesla car

Family buys Tesla car coloring book to print
Tesla is a brand that makes cars like the one in the picture, which are electric cars. There have been several different models of electric cars made by this brand. More and more...

Tesla car drawing

car tesla drawing coloring book to print
The car in the picture is a Tesla brand car. It is an electric car, made in the United States, with several models and types of cars. How do you like...

Electric car

electric car coloring book to print
The car in the picture is an electric car. Have you ever heard of such a car? Or maybe you had a chance to drive one? In the future, when you are an adult you will buy...


Tesla stamp logo

logo stamp tesla coloring book printable
The logo shown in the image is that of Tesla, a brand that makes electric cars. They are very expensive, therefore not everyone can afford them, it is...

Tesla sports car

tesla sports car coloring book to print
The car you see in the picture is a Tesla sports car. These are very expensive electric cars. A ride in this version you have in front of you is...

Tesla electric car

electric car tesla coloring book to print
The car you see in the picture is a Tesla. It is a brand that produces only electric cars. Such a car is very expensive but driving it makes a huge ...

Tesla X

Tesla X coloring book to print
Did you know that the car in the drawing is called the Tesla X? Its interior accommodates seven adults, and the driver's cockpit features a large screen...

Tesla car interior

tesla car interior coloring book to print
You always see cars from the outside in your drawings. Now you have the opportunity to see what their interior looks like. The picture above shows the interior of a Tesla car....

Tesla on the road

tesla on the road coloring book to print
Boom, boom. Look out! This car is taking a very sharp turn. The race is on and every second counts, because everyone wants to get to the finish line...

Tesla cars

tesla cars coloring book to print
These cars are brand new and are still waiting for their owners at the dealership. How many of them do you see in the picture? That's right, there are three cars standing there....

Auto tesla

auto tesla coloring book to print
I wonder where this car is going? It's probably in for a long ride on city roads. The car in the picture has four wheels and four doors....


  1. Founder: Tesla was founded in 2003 by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. They were later joined by well-known entrepreneur Elon Musk, who played a key role in the company's development and success.
  2. Name and inspiration: The company is named after Nikola Tesla, a famous electrical inventor and engineer who influenced the development of electrical technology.
  3. Electric cars: Tesla is mainly known for producing luxury electric cars. Their models, such as the Model S, Model 3, Model X and Model Y, have won acclaim for both performance and range.
  4. Range and charging: Teslas are known for their impressive driving range on a single charge, which has helped popularize electric cars. The company is also building its own network of charging stations, known as "Superchargers," which allow the vehicles to charge quickly.
  5. Autopilot and self-driving: Tesla was one of the pioneers in developing autopilot and self-driving technology. Tesla models are equipped with advanced driver assistance systems, such as auto-pilot, lane-keeping and automatic lane changes.
  6. Technological innovations: Elon Musk's company has incorporated many innovative features into its cars, such as a huge touchscreen, the ability to update software remotely, and driving modes such as "Ludicrous Mode," which allows acceleration over a short distance.
  7. Electric van: Tesla has also announced the development of an electric van, known as the Tesla Cybertruck. This unique design and performance promises to revolutionize the commercial vehicle market.
  8. Batteries and energy storage: Tesla is not just in the business of manufacturing electric cars, but also developing battery technology for cars and energy storage. Their Powerwall and Powerpack systems allow electricity to be stored for use in homes and businesses.
  9. Development of markets: Tesla has operations around the world and enjoys a strong presence in various countries. The company is expanding its presence by opening service centers, charging stations and factories on different continents.
  10. Impact on the industry: Tesla has played a key role in accelerating the automotive industry's transition to electric vehicles. Its impact on technology development, environmentalism and innovation is evident throughout the industry.


  1. The name "Model S": The name of the Tesla model "Model S" is not accidental. The "S" in the name stands for "sedan," or limousine. It is the first mass-produced electric model fully integrated with electronic technology.
  2. Key from Model S: Instead of a traditional car key, Model S owners receive a key card in the form of a plastic card that can be brought close to the car to open and start it.
  3. Human artificial intelligence: Tesla cars use artificial intelligence to analyze driving patterns and adjust parameters such as acceleration, braking and speed. The system learns based on driver behavior.
  4. "Ludicrous Mode": The "Ludicrous Mode" option on the Model S allows you to achieve very fast acceleration. In the Model S P100D, using this option, you can accelerate to 100 km/h in less than 2.5 seconds.
  5. Battery and car assembly: The battery in the Model S consists of thousands of small lithium-ion cells. To increase efficiency and range, the battery is flat and located under the chassis, which lowers the center of gravity and improves stability.
  6. Autopilot and software updates: Many Tesla owners have experienced situations where their car received a remote software update, which introduced new features and improvements, such as autopilot-related functions.
  7. "Dog Mode": Tesla has introduced a "Dog Mode" that allows owners to leave the car at a certain temperature and displays a message on the screen that the dog inside is safe when the owner is out of the car.
  8. Supercharger Network: Tesla is expanding its Supercharger network, making it possible to quickly charge cars anywhere in the world. This is an important initiative to encourage the use of electric vehicles.
  9. Tesla Roadster in space: In February 2018, Elon Musk's company launched his personal car, the first Tesla Roadster model, toward Mars using a Falcon Heavy rocket as part of a test mission.
  10. Elon Musk's Master Plan: Elon Musk unveiled his "Master Plan" for Tesla, which includes: creating an affordable electric car (Model 3), developing an integrated energy system (Powerwall batteries), producing more spacious vehicles (Model X SUV), and providing electricity and storage.
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