Bob the Builder Coloring Book

For players who love to build this is a very cool and interesting category. We will get to know the world of the cartoon character Bob the Builder and his friends, which are various types of construction machines. They include bulldozer, crane, concrete mixer, Martha and other vehicles that you will find in a large group of coloring pages that appeared here. Of course this is not a permanent list, because as far as we are able it will be supplemented with newer coloring pages for children. We dedicate this section to the youngest boys.

Building a house

Most of you probably know these two friends from a cartoon. This time they and their construction machines went to one construction site. This...

Scoop Excavator

Printable coloring book of Scoop the excavator from the bob the builder cartoon
If you need to dig a hole, then this machine will come to our aid. Thanks to a special bucket, it can dig in the ground various kinds of...

Concrete mixer Dizzy

dizzy concrete mixer from the fairy tale bob the builder coloring book for kids
You have already seen in other pictures a concrete mixer that carries concrete for building. Here we have its smaller version which we can meet on the construction site while building a house....

Muck's bulldozer

Mucka the bulldozer bob builder printable for boys
With the help of this type of vehicle on the caterpillars, it is possible to level different types of land. They often level the ground if you are building an access road to a particular property or...

Crane Lofts from a fairy tale

coloring page crane LOFTY bob builder printable for boys
This kind of construction machinery is used to build various bigger and smaller buildings. It would be practically impossible without this kind of machines. They have special...

Fairy Tale Tractor

coloring page tractor from the children's story about the builder bob
Surely you have come across this tractor more than once in the cartoon. Now you can also color it if you decide to choose a coloring book. Of course you will find ...


Crane from Bob the Builder

crane with bob the builder coloring book to print
Bob the Builder is a cartoon about the builder Bob and his crew that always comes to his aid. Each vehicle has its own distinctive color. What...

Roller from Bob the Builder

roller bob builder printable picture
Another cartoon machine in front of you in the picture. If you have watched this fairy tale then you surely know very well what colors the roller was in the fairy tale....

Bulldozer from the Bob the Builder cartoon

bulldozer from the bob builder cartoon printable picture
In today's coloring page our task will be to color the bulldozer, which is about to leave for the construction site in less than four hours. But before it leaves you have to color it....

Martha and Bob the Builder build a wall

martha and bob the builder build a printable picture
Work is in full swing at the construction site. As you can see Marta and Bob are not idle, they have been hard at work since morning. Excavator brings sand, concrete mixer mixes ...

Martha and the concrete mixer

concrete mixer bob builder printable picture
Today's picture features two characters from the Bob the Builder cartoon. Martha washed up today with her excavator at a construction site, where they have to make a foundation for a building...

Bob the Builder and the Excavator

bob the builder and excavator printable picture
You certainly know the excavator very well from the cartoon Bob the Builder, because it appears in almost every episode of the cartoon. It is always useful and Bob uses...

Bob the Builder and Kitty

bob the builder and kitty printable picture
In front of you in the picture is the main character from the fairy tale Bob the Builder, who is together with a kitten from this fairy tale. Your task will be to choose...

Bob the Builder Coloring Book

You know this fairy tale for sure. And this builder will take on any job, even the toughest. Of course, he also has many helpers. Excavator, concrete mixer or crane and...

Martha from the Builder's Tale

As we know not only he can build, he also has his best friend who helps him a lot. This time we see a scene where three...

Bulldozer from the children's cartoon

bob the builder and the bulldozer - coloring pages printable and online
Recognize him very often our builder helps in various construction works. Thanks to its bucket it is often chosen for the heaviest special tasks and works.

Bob the Builder - we can do it

A favorite of virtually all children. Each of us when we were little waited for this wonderful bedtime show on television. Now, of course, we have newer and newer episodes so...

Bob the Builder

First produced in 1998, it is a world-famous British animated series. The whole series takes place on a construction site as well as in the town where the heroes live and they always help the residents in various ways to solve different problems. Their motto is "We can do it? Yes, we can do it! ". The action takes place in the town of Naprawków and Sprężynowa. The characters that appear in this children's book are, of course, the hero himself as well as his construction machines, which include.

Fairy tale characters

1) Bob the Builder - this is the main builder and a person who is very hardworking. He is the brains behind all the operations in which the machines of his team help him. Each of them is always ready to help the inhabitants of the town. He motivates his team with the famous slogan "We can do it.

2) Marta - she manages the office where she always receives phone calls and accepts tasks. She is the right hand of our hero from a children's story. When it comes to her specialty she is an electrician. She always knows how to diagnose almost every problem and helps her team to complete the task.

3) Leo - is a new character in the tale. He is an apprentice and mainly helps Martha to make the work go well. He loves learning and absorbs knowledge wherever he can. He is often distracted, but if he mobilizes himself, he helps his team a lot.

4) The excavator is the person in charge of communicating with all the machines she is their manager and she is the one who distributes the work for them.She does not like to lose and always wants to be the best everywhere where it does not always end well for everyone.

5) Bulldozer - he also has a dump truck on his back which often comes in handy. If someone is sad in his team, he is the first to make everyone happy. He loves building sites where you can get dirty. Then he feels like a real worker and that the work is done in the mud.

6) Crane, compared to his other friends, is a bit shy and often worries about all sorts of things and problems he has to deal with. He doesn't always agree with the ideas of others, but he is very knowledgeable about the different kinds of building materials needed for construction and for that he is very appreciated by others