Coloring pages for Reksio

Reksio the dog is the main character of a very well-known fairy tale. Of course, this is a fictional character, which was created by a Polish director. He lives in a kennel, which stands by the owners' house. As an animal he has unusual skills, because among other things, he can talk to people and animals.

Satisfied girl

Online coloring book Satisfied girl
Raya and Tuk Tuk are very good friends. What do you think they are so happy about? I suspect the reason for their happiness is finding Sisu -.

Reksio and the little chickens

rexio and the baby chickens coloring book online
Walking in the yard, Reksio came across young chickens that had just been born. Their mother has been kidnapped by an evil fox. The dog must now take care of the little ones.The first thing ...

Dog in the meadow

rexio on the link coloring book online
Today Reksio went for a walk in the meadow in search of marshmallows, which he really likes to blow away. As you can see in the picture, he came across a large bunch of flowers,...

A dog fights a fox

rexie the dog and the fox coloring book to print
Reksio has always tried to stand up for others. This time he stood up for the chickens, which the sly fox was stealing eggs from the henhouse every day. One day...

Reksio in the forest on a walk

rexio in the woods on a walk coloring book to print
Reksio and his human friend, taking advantage of the beautiful weather went for a walk in the forest. Color the picture starting with the boy who is wearing blue pants,...

Rabbit in the henhouse

rexie in the henhouse coloring book to print
Reksio is a friend to all animals, who tries to help anyone who asks him for advice. He has just been approached by some chickens, who got confused...


Reksio and the little chickens

rexio and the baby chickens coloring book to print
A chicken mom had to go shopping and asked Reksio to take care of the chickens in her absence. Gingerbread agreed and said he would....

Reksio sings on the roof

rexio sings on the roof coloring book to print
Reksio always dreamed of taking singing lessons, but he never had the time. He figured that if he couldn't find time to sing during...

Reksio on a wake

rexie on a runway coloring book to print
In the summer, the village where Reksio lives was flooded by a heavy rainstorm and water poured from a nearby river. Along with the water, the village...

Reksio and the birds

rexio and the birds coloring book to print
Reksio loved to sing and whistle. He practiced so often that he mastered singing at its best. He was so good at what he did that the local birds flew to...

Reksio and the Dinosaurs

rexio and dinosaurs coloring book to print
In an abandoned cave near Reksio's house, a dinosaur with three heads had recently taken up residence. Reksio heard about this information from his friend the raven. He couldn't...

Scared of Reksio

rexie the dog from the cartoon picture to print
Doggy Reksio has been very sad since this morning because he hasn't eaten anything yet today. Finally, he decided to go to his bowl where he always has...

Reksio in the garden

rexie in the garden picture to print
This time doggy Reksio went for a walk with his owner in the garden of the allotment. As you can see in the picture, which we will now...

Reksio the dog

rexio printable picture
The adventures of this dog surely most of you already know from the cartoons you've seen on TV. He is a very cheerful and sociable dog....