Spongebob Coloring Pages

This character is very often called Kanciastoporty.The nickname took, of course, from the appearance of this hero, whose body in exactly this legs have a square shape. The animated series was created by an American producer in 1989. To this day, the cartoon enjoys great popularity. In this work we have prepared especially for you a lot of pictures.

Happy heroes

spongebob characters coloring book to print
Today there is an unusual event in the city of fairy tale heroes, as there is such a show of various attractions on which there will be inflatable slides and trampolines. A pack of...

Sad Mr. Sponge

spongebob kanciastoporty coloring book to print
Before us the main character of the cartoon Spongebob, whom you probably already know well. Our task today will be to cheer him up, because as you can see in the picture the character...

Lazybones Patrick Starfish

patrick starfish coloring book to print
The biggest lazy Spongebob, if you've watched it at least once you know how he behaves. Our task today will be to choose the right colors of crayons ...

Guspy the snail from the Spongebob cartoon

spongebob snail coloring page printable
If you have ever watched a Spongebob cartoon then you surely know what kind of snail is in the picture. His name is Gacus and he is...

Spongebob and Patrick two friends

spongebob and patrick two friends coloring book to print
Do you know the two friends in the picture above? They both come from the cartoon Spongebob. They are just going to run a very important errand. Surely everything will go...

Spongebob drawing for kids

spondzbob drawing for kids coloring book to print
Do you know this character? I'm sure you do. He is Spongebob, after all, and he comes from a cartoon that has the same name as him. He is a sponge and lives...


Skalmar Spongebob

scalmar spongebob coloring book to print
The picture shows Skalmar, he is one of the main characters in the cartoon Spongebob. He lives in the house between Spongebob and Patrick. His skin...

Sandy from the Spongebob cartoon

sandy from the cartoon spongebob coloring book to print
The squirrel in the drawing is called Sandy. She comes from the cartoon Sponge bob and is friends with the main character Spongebob. She likes to play soccer....

Plankton from the Spongebob cartoon

plankton from spongebob coloring book printable
Do you know Plankton? He is the villain from the Spongebob cartoon. His body is dark green in color and his feelers are even darker. He has only one...

Patrick from Spongebob

patric from spongebob coloring book to print
Do you recognize the character from the drawing? If not, let me tell you that his name is Patrick and he comes from the cartoon Spongebob. He is wearing only...

Spongebob the pirate

spongebob the pirate printable picture
As you can see in the picture Spongebob this time decided to play pirate. He put on a special disguise in which he looks like a pirate and of course...

Spongebob Cannystoporty

spongebob printable picture
Spongebob is a very entertaining cartoon character this time as you can see in the picture which you will have to color next Bob is playing ball....

Spongebob and the hamburger

spongebob printable picture
The character of Spongebob is certainly very well known and associated with each of you at least from the cartoon, which you watch or have watched in the past in childhood. Very...

The Sea Sponge, as the main character is often called, is a character who lives in a place at the bottom of the ocean. He lives in a pineapple, which has been lying on the bottom for a long time. His favorite friend is, of course, a snail Gacus, whom he simply adores. He is very cheerful and spends all his free time playing with his friends. Of course, he also finds time to work at his restaurant, which is called Under the Fat Crab. His specialty cuisine is crabburgers, which he makes every day at work. The bar manager Mr. Crab is very happy with such an employee and always appreciates him.

Patrick Starfish- is the best friend of our main character. In the cartoon he is shown as a pink starfish, he is very often dressed in bright celadon short shorts with little purple flowers on them. He is very fat and quite lazy, and resides under a large boulder. In his spare time he likes to catch jellyfish, which he then eats.

Skalmar Oblynos- works at the same job as Spongebob. He is a cashier there, taking orders from customers and tallying up each day's take. He lives in the house between Spongebob and Patrick. He is very unhappy with this situation because he does not like these people.

Sandy Pysia- Kanciastoporte's favorite friend, who came from Texas and is a squirrel. Together with her friends, she often attends Karate training. In her free time she likes to learn and gain new knowledge.

Plankton- is one of the smallest characters in this tale. He lives in the waters of the Lower Bikini. He has always been in a battle with Mr. Crab the restaurant owner because he wants to steal from him the secret recipe of his day. He runs a rival restaurant called Bucket of Sludge. He definitely serves much worse food to his customers. Because of his heavy character, the townspeople are not necessarily fond of him.

Gacos Witold Junior- Another blue snail that lives in SpondeBob's house. The only character in this animated adventure who cannot speak, but he mumbles very loudly. He annoys the other characters a lot, because he plays pranks on them by untying their shoelaces.

Mr. Eugene Krab-a red crab who is very overweight and also the boss of one of the restaurants. He is a very stingy character, because when he has to buy something he always regrets spending it. He tries to save money and always counts every dollar. His hobby is running a business and making a lot of money. He lives together with his daughter named Pearl. He has a long time crush on Mrs. Puff.

Mrs. Puff-driving teacher, to whom Spong always goes to learn to drive. She has always dreamed of having a driving lesson, but everything has changed since Chink failed the test almost forty times in a row. She is lonely because her husband was caught by fishermen and was turned into a lamp.