Garfield Coloring Pages

A cat that has stirred up some fairy tales. Some people love him, others hate him. If you are here, you are certainly interested in coloring pages with Garfield the cat - I have quite a collection of them, but also other characters from various fairy tales from around the world.

Odie the fairy dog

For kids - coloring page Odie the dog from the cartoon to print
Added to this collection is a cheerful and always happy dog named Odie. You will meet him in the adventures of one of the fairy tales that has already...

Odie and the cat friend

Online coloring book Odie the dog to print for kids
These two friends love to play American soccer but sometimes there are arguments between them. You can see it in this picture. In the picture you probably recognize...

Jonathan Q. "Jon" Arbuckle of the fairy tale

Coloring page Jonathan Q. "Jon" Arbuckle printable for kids
This character is the owner of our world famous red lazy cat who loves nothing more than to lounge around and eat lasagna.

Garfield in love

garfield printable picture
This time and the cat Garfield si in love he found a female cat, which he loved at first sight. Tonight the cat is about to go on a date...

Sleeping Garfield

garfield printable picture
He does nothing all day, either sits in front of the TV or sleeps and rests. You must be very familiar with ...

Garfield in the car

garfield in the car picture to print
It may seem strange but the character you see in the picture is very good at driving a car. This time we go for a ride with Garfield...


Garfield on a skateboard

garfield printable picture
It is time for some entertainment. This time it belongs to Garfield, but if you watch cartoons with this character then you know what kind of...

Garfield is lazing around

garfield printable picture
Garfiel is a cartoon character who is a slacker. All day long he can lie in front of the TV and do nothing. This time the character is lying in a meadow...

Garfield and Odie

garfield printable picture
In this picture we have simultaneously two best friends from the cartoon Garfield and friends. Automatically you have a difficult task today because you have to accurately paint the two characters,...

Garfield the Pancake Gourmet

garfield printable picture
Everyone knows Grfield from fairy tales. But did you know that he is a real pancake gourmet? He could make this dish...

A cat in love

We see a never in love kitten going to his beloved kitty's birthday party. He has a special gift for her in a box as well as bought specially...

The lazy fairy cat - Garfield

Apart from the fact that he doesn't like to be bored, he, like practically all of you, likes to laze around a bit. However, if he does so, he must...

Garfield on a skateboard

This crazy cat can never sit at home and live like ordinary cats just has to always do something. This time as you can see we see...

Garfield - At the very beginning it was just a comic book before there was a cartoon and animated film with this character. The character was created by none other than Jim Davis. This cat can't be missed, he is distinguished by his laziness, red color as well as he loves to eat lasagna. He also has his favorite friends like his dog Odie and the owner of these animals, Jon Arbuckle.

This cartoon is old because it premiered in the Times Post newspaper in 1976. At the beginning the name was simply Jon - then after a few episodes changed to the name that survives to this day. In Poland we had quite popular cartoons called Garfield and Friends. This cat loves to sleep and do nothing, not to mention any exercise or going out with its owner.