Coloring Book Camel

In this section you will find many interesting camel paintings. Choose different pictures and paint freely as you like. Camels in their wild state we can meet only in Central Asia. However, in the coloring pages version you will meet them all in our service. Mostly we meet camels with two humps, because the species of camels with one hump became extinct long time ago. 

Camel in the desert

desert camel coloring book to print
We associate the desert with warmth and very high temperatures in which it is difficult to function normally. This is exactly the case, but as you can see it does not...

Camel ride

camel ride coloring book printable
Camels can very often be found at various festivals, where their hosts offer rides on them. In the past, transport and movement with the help of these animals...

African camels

African camels coloring book to print
As you probably know from school, camels are depicted in the picture. The camels in the picture have one hump each and are more common than the ones in the...

Camel with luggage

Camel with luggage coloring book to print
In front of you there is another interesting painting with which you will have a nice time without getting bored. Camels are creatures which we associate with the desert. And rightly so because...

Camel two humps

camel printable picture
Before you see a well-known animal which is a camel. This one has two humps but unfortunately it is less common because more common is a camel with one...


Camel with Arabian

Camel coloring book picture to print
As you probably know from school or other sources of information, the picture shows a camel on which some Arabian is riding. In our country they ride horses, but...

Camel with two humps

notch image for printing
Among camels, we distinguish two species of this times. Camels that have only one hump on their body and those that have as many as two humps. The first...

Camel in the desert

camel in the desert printable picture
The desert is the place where camels spend most of their lives. We can safely say that the desert is the camel's home, and this is not at all misleading...

Camel with details

camel printable picture
It's a colouring book which is definitely more difficult to colour than a traditional colouring book, because if you look closely at the picture you will see that it is full of small details...

Arabian camel

printable arabian camel
The true Arabian camel is a single-humped mammal that dates back to about 6,000 years ago. To be exact, this animal is native to the Arabian Peninsula. Waiting for you on...

Camel with two humps

camel with two humps picture to print
This time a camel with two humps is waiting for us. The picture has a lot of details, so while coloring it you will have to work a little harder...

The happy camel

camel printable picture
The picture shows an animal which is a camel but more in an animated version because the animal is very cheerful and smiling. Begin to fill the painting with different colors ,...

The camel is adapted to living in warmth. It is not afraid of dry and hot climate, because it feels best in such conditions. In ancient times, camels served people as mass transport, because they could carry loads weighing up to 500 kg. In the present day in Asia, they are used as a source of milk, beef and meat.

An adult animal can weigh up to 600 kilograms and its body can reach a length of between 220 and 350 cm. The tail is also not the shortest, as it reaches a length of 40 to even 70 cm.

It is interesting to note that camel milk contains three times more vitamin C than cow's milk and camel milk has an effect on lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

The camelid mammal can reach speeds of up to 70 mph when running.