Coloring Book Wolves

The gray wolf is the most common species of this animal. Wolves inhabit very diverse territories because we can find them in forests, plains or swampy areas. A big curiosity is the area occupied by a wolf pack, the average is from 200 to 300 square kilometers, so a very large area.

Masha and the Wolves

Masha and the wolves coloring book
In the picture you can see Masha walking in the forest, accompanied by two wolves who watch her like an eye in the head. The forest can sometimes be dangerous, but....

The Wolf from the Little Red Riding Hood story

Coloring Book Wolf from the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood
The wolf in the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood is a warning not to talk to strangers because they can use it against us. Just like the Wolf did...

A rabid wolf

angry wolf coloring book to print
The wolf me out of anger it can be very dangerous. You can see his anger this time in the picture. The wolf got angry because since yesterday...

Little wolf

little wolf coloring book to print
Most of us associate the wolf with a very dangerous animal. This may be true for adults, but let us take a look this time at this...

The Wolf in the Woods

Wolf in the Woods coloring book to print
Wolves are animals that have an excellent sense of smell and are very alert and cautious. They can travel very long distances to find food for themselves....

Pack of wolves

Pack of wolves coloring book to print
Before you another interesting coloring page this time there are wolves on it. You are probably wondering what the word pack means. It is a group of wolves acting together....


A wolf on the hunt

wolf coloring book
As you well know the wolf is a carnivorous animal so they hunt other animals. The wolf is a relative of the dog so it probably reminds you a lot of him. Choose the colorful ...

Smiling wolf

Smiling wolf coloring book picture to print
In the picture we see an animal which is a wolf. This wolf in the picture looks extremely cute and in reality such a wolf can hurt us because...

Adult wolf

wolf coloring book printable picture
Wolves are very interesting animals which can be found in Poland. The wolf, although it is a relative of the dog in the meeting with humans can be dangerous. Prepare...

Walking wolf

piglet coloring book printable picture
In front of you there is a beautiful adult wolf. As you know wolves can be found in the Polish forests. Wolves are cousins of dogs even you can probably see the similarity. Try to color...

Howling wolf

wolf coloring book printable picture
The picture depicts a wolf. I think it is clear what it is doing, howling and wolves like to do that. But so do dogs at night for sure....

A wolf in love

Wolf coloring book picture to print
If I'm not mistaken, this wolf is a well-known fairy tale that I'm sure you've seen. We are talking about the fairy tale ''The wolf in love". Print this coloring page and choose the right...

A hunting wolf

wolf hunting picture to print
As you probably already know well, wolves hunt other animals and then eat them. These animals are very dangerous mammals that can attack even...

Little wolf

little wolf picture to print
It would seem that the little wolf you see in the picture is a very cute and small animal. However, as it turns out appearances are deceiving, because...

Wolf's head

wolf printable picture
The wolf is a very dangerous animal that hunts other animals and then eats them. These mammals are also dangerous to humans because they happen to...

It is interesting to note that an adult wolf can cover an average of 10 to 50 kilometers in 24 hours. A male wolf that is looking for his mate is able to travel a distance of almost 1,000 kilometers in a month.

Most wolf packs consist of about 20 individuals that move together through an occupied territory. Wolves communicate with each other by body language, making noises and marking places with their own droppings. Wolves feed mainly on other animals living in the forest. Their most common prey is deer, roe deer, wild boar and carrion that they find on their path.

Males are usually larger wasps females by an average of 25-30 % of their body weight. The body of an adult wolf is usually about 130 cm without the tail. However, the average length of the tail varies from 30 to 50 cm. An adult wolf reaches its body weight in the range of 50 to 60 kg , a female from 25 to 50 kg.