Cheetah Coloring Pages

Its body length reaches about 130 centimeters, its tail is about 75 centimeters and its weight varies from 50 to even 65 kilograms! It has a slender body build, quite small head and short ears.

Tiger parent

tiger family coloring book online
Our task is a bit more difficult, because there are two animals in the picture this time, so we will have to spend much more time coloring them....

Wild cat

wild cat picture to print
In front of us in today's installment of the painting wild animal that does not exist in the natural environment of our country. We can meet him only in the zoo, mainly occurs in the warmer ...

Sleeping cheetah

sleeping cheetah coloring book to print
The cheetah is sleeping so we can get a good look at it. The cheetah's body is slender and muscular with long paws. It has a small head and short snout, high placed...

Cheetah hunting

cheetah hunting coloring book to print
The image shows a cheetah cat, presumably watching its prey. The cheetah is an unusual member of the cat family that hunts by relying more on its eyesight and...

Cheetah basking

cheetah basking coloring book to print
The picture shows a cheetah cat basking in the sun. It is lying on a rock, perhaps a cliff, what do you think? The males are mostly larger than...

Cheetah cat in a tree

cheetah cat in the tree coloring page printable
In the picture we see a cheetah cat. It is lying on a branch among the leaves. It is a very thick branch that supports its weight. Adult males weigh on average....


Little cheetah cat

little cheetah cat coloring book to print
In the picture we see a small cheetah cat. It is all spotted, from the ears to the tail. On its hind paw, however, they are missing - this...

Cheetah's head

cheetah head coloring book to print
In the picture we see the head of a cheetah. It has spots on it, semi-circular ears, deep-set eyes and a cat-like nose. There are whiskers coming off the nose, which help...

Cheetah zentangle

cheetah zentangle coloring book to print
In the picture we see a cheetah. It is lying on a branch among the leaves. As you can see, it is in different patterns. Spots, stripes, dots, leaves and other kinds of...

Cheetah family

Cheetah family printable picture
We present you a family of cheetahs. Are the animals just basking in the sun or are they looking for shelter because a terrible storm is coming? Create an environment for them...

Tiny cheetah

Tiny cheetah printable picture
We show you a very sad and possibly lost cheetah. You also think that he got lost in the wild and now he doesn't know how to get to...

Cheetah runs

Cheetah runs printable picture
The cheetah is a very fast animal that reaches high speeds while running. In this picture it is probably running for its prey so it can survive in the wild....

This animal can make very long jumps thanks to its long legs and mobile joints. Its coat, on the other hand, is very dense with a brownish or yellowish color on top and covered with black, small spots.

Where does it occur ? 

This animal inhabits vast areas of Africa, the Arabian Peninsula and India. It leads a diurnal lifestyle compared to most other cats. Very often it chooses to live alone, but it also lives in small herds. It can run very fast and never climbs trees. This animal is gentle and is able to tame humans, it even shows an attachment to them.


It hunts mainly antelopes, but also other small or medium-sized mammals. On his prey attacks in the chase, which usually lasts very short because only about 20 seconds and then runs about 100 kilometers per hour. However, if he unfortunately does not manage to catch his potential victim in this time, he gives up further pursuit.

Course of pregnancy

The pregnancy lasts about 85-95 days and there may be from 2 to 6 young in one litter. The mother takes care of her cubs for several months after their birth. After this time they leave their mother but stay among their brothers and sisters in the group until they learn to hunt well on their own.