Coloring pages monkeys and gorillas

Monkeys are mammals that are very intelligent and herd-like, although some individuals choose to live alone. They eat a variety of fruits and plants, as well as meat.

Monkeys are very agile and mobile animals. Their limbs are long and their bodies muscular, so they can move more easily and quickly, and their long tails help them balance on trees or branches.

Fun Fingerlings

Printable Fingerlings Coloring Book
Monkeys are adorable animals. First of all, they love company and playing together. The monkey shown in the drawing is very cheerful and energetic. She seems to be playing some kind of...

Bella Fingerlings Monkey

Printable Monkey Bella Fingerlings Coloring Book
The picture shows a cute monkey Bella. You can't get bored with her! There is no end to the fun! I wonder, who will the monkey play with today...

Sad gorilla on a stone

sad gorilla printable picture
Animals, just like people, have their feelings and have worse days when they do not have a sense of humor and those during which they can ...

Monkey in the jungle

monkey in the jungle picture to print
We mainly associate the jungle with two animals. One of them is a very scary and dangerous king of the jungle and the other animal is of course...

Banana animal

animal with banana picture to print
Today's painting shows a little monkey eating a sweet banana. This fruit is also liked by all of us, because it has a lot of vitamins and is delicious...

Fairy-tale monkey

Fairy monkey coloring book to print
Look what a cute monkey is depicted in the picture. It smiles nicely and waits for you to add color to the picture. Monkeys are animals that like to eat bananas...


Monkey with banana

Monkey with banana coloring book to print
This animal is one of the most famous in the world it is of course a monkey. In the picture we see a cute monkey that is hanging on a branch and holding...

Monkey in the forest

Monkey in the forest coloring book to print
In front of you in the picture is a walking monkey. Surely you know these animals from fairy tales or books. Monkeys are animals that like bananas like to climb...

Big gorilla

Large gorilla coloring book to print
Monkeys are some of the most famous jungle animals. Gorillas are strong creatures that could do us a lot of harm. I'm sure it reminds you...


orangutan printable picture
Check out this cute little orangutan hanging from a branch. A lot of details of the picture are shown in this coloring book, so coloring it in its entirety will surely...

African chimpanzee

chimpanzee printable picture
Take crayons in hand and color the African chimpanzee. Try to choose from your crayons the most beautiful and realistic, vivid colors of markers so that the monkey on the finished w...


gibbon printable picture
Gibbon to a variety of monkey, which as you can see is definitely different from the traditional monkey. It has a much different deformed face almost in the shape of a square....

Little monkey

little monkey printable picture
In front of you in the picture is a cute little monkey who is traveling through the jungle and looking for his friend Tomi. Take your crayons in your hand and paint as beautifully as you can...

Monkey in the jungle

monkey in the jungle picture to print
We move this time to the jungle or natural home and monkey paradise. Monkeys' favorite delicacy is, as you probably know, bananas. And just...

Monkey's head

Monkey printable picture
This time we have a monkey head to color. In front of you is the challenge to print and color a great coloring page that shows the head of a monkey. Start coloring...


In order to keep their fur clean, monkeys scratch themselves with their long toes ending in nails.

Mountain gorillas, on the other hand, as the name suggests inhabit high mountains. Gorillas like to live in groups of five to thirty individuals. Although gorillas may look friendly, they are not. They are a very family-oriented and peaceful species. The male can reach up to 1.9 meters in height and weigh up to 220 kilograms! Females, on the other hand, are much more petite and weigh about 98 kilograms and are about 1.5 meters tall.

These animals feed mainly on plants, stems and roots, but they also eat fruits and small insects. Because gorillas have a very massive body structure, they need to provide their body with large amounts of food. During the day, an adult gorilla can eat up to 25 kg of vegetation!

The female's pregnancy lasts 9 months and the young gorillas weigh just over 2 kilograms at birth. In captivity, gorillas live up to about 35 years.


  1. Thumb Tire: Unlike most other monkeys, gorillas have tires on their thumbs, like humans, which helps them grasp objects.
  2. Communications: Monkeys and gorillas communicate in a variety of ways, including through sounds, facial expressions, gestures and body posture.
  3. Intelligence: Monkeys and gorillas are very intelligent. They can use tools, solve problems and learn sign language signs.
  4. Power: Gorillas are among the strongest animals in the world. Their strength can be as much as ten times that of humans.
  5. Community: Monkeys and gorillas live in social groups that consist of a few to dozens of individuals.
  6. Diet: Most monkeys are omnivorous and eat fruits, leaves, seeds, flowers, insects and small animals. Gorillas are mainly herbivorous and eat leaves, stems, fruits and seeds.
  7. Silver Bristles: Adult male gorillas, known as silverbacks, have silvery hair on their backs that develops as they age.
  8. Care: Monkeys and gorillas groom each other, which helps maintain social bonds and remove parasites from their fur.
  9. Tools: Some species of monkeys, such as chimpanzees, are known to use tools. For example, they use sticks to extract termites from their nests.
  10. Threat: Many species of monkeys and gorillas are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss, hunting and disease. Mountain gorillas are one of the most endangered species, with the number of individuals estimated at less than 1,000 in the wild.
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