Coloring Book Coyote

The coyote is an animal very often mistaken for a wolf because of its very similar appearance. Its body length ranges from 70 to 100 centimeters and its weight varies from 9 to 19 kilograms. Its coloration is usually in shades of brown and gray, and its coat is thick and rough.

Wile E coyote for children

Coyote Wile E coloring book for kids to print
In the picture we can see Coyote, whose posture indicates that he is just getting ready to run. He is probably going to chase Ostrich the Pędziwiatr, whom he has been...

Adult coyote

Adult coyote coloring book to print
In the picture we have presented a picture of a coyote. It is an animal that is found in North America. A coyote is similar to a wolf or a dog...

Coyotes at night

Coyotes at night coloring book to print
In front of you there is another interesting painting, this time there are coyotes on it. It looks like they are on the hunt and looking for food and all the action ...

Fairy Tale Coyote

Fairy tale coyote coloring book to print
If you like watching fairy tales and cartoons, you will surely know this coyote who keeps trying to catch the ostrich, but he never succeeds.

Coyote head

Coyote head coloring book to print
As you probably know there are a lot of predators in the world whether it is a lion, tiger, or wolf. Today we present the coyote, which lives in North America and is a...

A hunting coyote

Coyote hunting coloring book to print
Before you in the picture another animal this time it is a coyote. It resembles a wolf or a dog and is also their family because it is a cousin of the wolf...


Falling Coyote

Falling coyote coloring book to print
You know this coyote from fairy tales. As usual he cannot catch the ostrich despite many attempts and traps. He must have been taught a lesson again by...

Coyote in the sun

The picture shows a lonely coyote in the sunshine on a meadow. Try to cheer him up and keep him company by coloring the picture in warm colors. Make him...

Running Coyote

running coyote printable picture
The coyote is an animal that can reach very high speeds when attacking. When attacking, it always lurks for a long time at first and only then...

Howling Coyote

coyote howling printable picture
A coyote howls a sound, and it is a sign that it is calling other coyotes to the herd. Choose the right colors to make it look as realistic as possible and...

Coyote in the meadow

coyote printable picture
The illustration shows a coyote standing in a meadow. He is probably resting because he is eating. Try to choose realistic colors and paint the animal to make it look as realistic as possible....

The coyote is found throughout the United States, as well as in Alaska and Canada outside of its northeastern part. This animal is very fast and can reach up to 65 kilometers per hour over short distances! It is also a very good jumper, being able to jump up to 5 meters! It is persistent on long distances, where it can travel up to 600 kilometers in a few days, and it is also a very good swimmer. With their vocal activity, coyotes maintain contact between other members of the group. Coyotes start their howling in the morning, evening and night.

 These animals are omnivorous. They eat insects, snakes, frogs, birds and even various types of fruit and carrion.

 A female preparing to give birth and give birth to her young digs out a lair or searches for and uses a natural cavity. In the safe place chosen by her, after 60-64 days of gestation, the young are born. On average, about 6 young are born per litter. About 3 weeks after the birth the cubs start to leave their burrows and only at the age of 9 months they become independent.