Coloring Book Cows and Bulls

Coloring pages with cows and bulls - animals have entered a new category. We have practically every separate section with most of the animals which we meet in Europe but also in the whole world. Just choose what you are interested in and you can have fun practically all day long painting pictures without any limits and time restrictions in printing.

Heifer with a bell

Heifer coloring book for kids to print
A young heifer is grazing in a meadow. She is no longer being fed milk by her mother, and is learning to slowly nibble and chew grass on her own. She wears...

Mom with calf

coloring page mom with calf printable for kids
We see these animals in a picture that have gone out to pasture. This is where they are eating grass for themselves and a baby calf is being fed milk by its mother.

Fernando the fabulous bull

fernando bull from the fairy tale coloring book to print
What a fun bull! I think he is just going to meet his friends and have a nice time together. Do you want to play with them too? Catch...

Cow with calf

cow and baby calf coloring book to print
The mother cow and her baby calf are eating fresh grass. They like it very much and their ears are shaking with joy. Open your...

Minecraft Cow

cow minecraft coloring book to print
If you are a fan of the game Minecraft then you surely know what the above picture represents. It is, of course, a cow from that very game. Get your crayons ready...

A cow and a baby calf

cow and baby calf coloring book to print
Mama cow is just in the process of taking a walk with her baby calf. The cow and calf are enjoying the good weather and fresh grass, which they are eager to eat....


Cow and chicken with chicken

cow and chicken with chicken coloring book to print
It is very beautiful weather today, so the animals in the village decided to take a walk in the field. The cow is proudly walking ahead accompanied by the rooster....

The cow and the bull

cow and bull coloring book to print
If you look at the picture above you can see two animals in it. The first is a cow and the second is a bull. They have just gone for a walk together...

Cow's head

cow head coloring book to print
The picture shows the head of an animal. It lives in the countryside and gives milk. Do you know what animal I am talking about? Of course, it is a cow. Color it...

A cow without patches in the field

cow without patches in the field coloring book to print
Do you know what this animal is? It is a cow. Cows give milk, which you can later buy in the store and drink. Surely you associate cows with...

Bull Randall

bull randall printable picture
Very rare breed of this animal in the world and even more so very hard to meet and see. Choose from your colored pencils the most beautiful ...

Pissed off bull

pissed off bull printable picture
You have to be careful with an upset bull, because when it is upset it is no joke. In the worst case, this animal can do harm even...

Bull's head

bull's head printable picture
This time we meet the bull's head, which we will color. These animals are very aggressive and dangerous animals that are sometimes dangerous when they are upset....

Cows are animals where they are related and descended from the same ancestor as gazelles, buffalo, buffalo, antelope, sheep and goats. They are raised for many reasons, including for milk, cheese and other dairy products, as well as for meat, such as beef and veal, and materials, such as leather. In ancient times they were used as work animals to pull carts and plow fields - but they are still used occasionally, particularly in low-developed countries.

In some countries, such as India, cows are considered sacred animals, used in religious ceremonies and treated with great respect. Today they are domesticated hoofed animals that are very often seen chewing grass in farmers' fields as we walk or drive through the countryside. There are an estimated 1.3 billion cattle and 900 breeds of these animals in the world today. The mature male of the species is called a "bull". A young female is called a "heifer" while a young cow is called a "calf".

It spends about 6 hours a day eating and over 8 hours a day chewing its food. They drink the equivalent of a tub full of water per day. They have always been of interest to humans because of their amazing ability to provide meat and dairy products, they have been strong working animals, and they reproduce while eating only grass. It is usually 2 years old when it gives birth to its first calf. Calves are fed by her until they are 8-9 weeks old. It is extremely important that the calf be fed its mother's milk from the beginning, as it contains antibodies that protect the new calf from disease. Two months before birth, the animal takes a rest from giving milk so that the calf can be reared.