Coloring Book Lemur

Lemur is an animal about the size of an adult cat and resembling it also from the sounds it makes. Its body length is about 30-40 centimeters, and its tail reaches about 80 centimeters in length! Its weight is quite low, it weighs from 2 to 2,5 kilograms. Its fur is grayish in color but its underside is slightly lighter.

Madagascar lemur

lemur from madagascar fairy tale picture to print
The hero of today's picture, we probably don't have to introduce him to anyone, because I'm sure you already know him very well. If it is easy for you to paint ...

Wild cat in a tree

wild cat in the tree picture to print
In front of us today is one of the wild cats, which I'm sure you have already recognized and know its name. Our task today, of course, will be to carefully color the ...

Teddy bear on a tree

teddy bear on a tree picture to print
Our task today is to carefully color the lemur that is currently in the tree. If you have ever seen this animal, for example in a cartoon, then...

Wild lemur

Wild lemur coloring book to print
Lemurs are interesting animals and just one of them is in front of you in the picture. You probably know lemurs from animated cartoons in which these animals...

Madagascar lemurs

Madagascar lemurs coloring page picture to print
The picture shows two lemurs are small animals that live on the island of Madagascar, which is next to Africa. You probably know something about this creature ...

Lemur on a walk

lemur on a walk coloring picture printable
Another coloring page where there is an animal, this time a little smaller but equally interesting. It is a lemur. Lemurs live on the famous island Madagascar. Time to choose ...


Disguised lemur

lemur in disguise coloring book printable picture
Before you another animal this time it is a lemur and there is only one lemur known everywhere and it is in the American zoo. It is of course ...

Smiling lemur

smiling lemur coloring book picture to print
Lemurs are very interesting animals, as you probably know they are not found in Poland, but you can visit them in the zoo and see how they look live....

Lemur Mort

Lemur Mort coloring book to print
This is another lemur from the cartoon Penguins of Madagascar or the cartoon Madagascar. He appeared in both of them if you haven't watched it you can...

Lemur Julian

lemur julian coloring picture
Surely you have watched a fairy tale called Madagascar. It is in this fairy tale appears our hero painting. In the picture is King Julian a very funny character ...

Funny lemur

funny lemur picture to print
Lemurs are sad animals at first glance, but appearances are deceiving. These mammals can be very funny and entertaining. If you have watched cartoons with this character...

The fairy lemur

lemur fairy picture to print
Surely most of you associate this character with television cartoons. This time we are dealing with an animal that is the Lemur. In animated episodes of...

Lemur in the tree

lemur in the tree picture to print
This time the picture shows a lemur resting after a meal in a tree. As you can see the painting has a lot of details, so you will have to spend some time...

Lemurs can only be found in the south-western part of Madagascar. They lead an arboreal lifestyle, in contrast to their cousin Lemur Katta which lives in forestless places, often on rocky uplands. The ground-dwelling Katta hides in caves and rocky outcrops. It is adept at moving about on the ground, jumping well, and can walk on its hind legs. It often lives in groups of 5 to 20 individuals.

Lemurs are very eager to eat fruits such as bananas, figs but they also eat insects. They often eat leaves, shoots, roots of different plants, but also lizards and birds' eggs.

Pregnancy lasts about 4,5 month and female after this time gives birth usually to 1 or 2 cubs, but less often to 3. Cubs immediately after birth attach to the mother's fur on her belly and after about 2 weeks move to the back where they usually stay until the first month is over. After this time the young, apart from its mother's milk, starts to take food on its own like the adults. After 6 months the young leaves the mother and becomes independent. Lemurs live up to 25 years.