Rhinoceros Coloring Pages

The largest rhino living to date of the five species is the White Rhino. Males can even reach a weight of over 2 tons! This weight is exceeded only by the African Elephant and some Hippopotamuses. Males, on the other hand, are slightly smaller, which makes their weight also lower, reaching about 1.7 tons. Females are usually about 4 meters long and up to 1.8 meters high.

The fairy rhinoceros

rhinoceros fairy picture printable
The animal in the picture is certainly very familiar to most of you, because it comes from a very well known fairy tale. Today's task will be very simple...

Big and small rhino

small and big rhino printable picture
In the picture in front of you there are two rhinos. By their size we can guess that one of them is a parent and the other smaller one is a baby....

Walking rhino

Walking rhino coloring book to print
If you like animals, you know the rhinoceros. It is an animal that lives in Africa. Rhinos are rather nocturnal animals. They have thick skin and...

White rhinoceros

White rhinoceros coloring book to print
White rhinos are the largest of the rhinos living today. It is armed with two horns of which the first reaches a length of 1.5 meters. Rhinos are found in...

The brave rhino

Brave rhino coloring book add printable
In the picture we see two rhinos in distress. They are surrounded by several predators. Even though there are more of them, the rhino has thick skin and very...


Rhinoceros with crayons

Rhino with crayons coloring book to print
In front of you an interesting animal which is a rhinoceros. This animal is very recognizable by its horn. Just this rhino is probably from some cartoon, if you watch ...

Bad rhino

Bad rhino coloring book to print
As you can see in the picture there is a rhinoceros and I guess something made him angry because he is walking nervously. A rhino uses its big horn to defend itself or to attack. They also have...

Baby rhino with mom

Baby rhino with mommy coloring book to print
In front of you coloring book which depicts two rhinos. Mama rhino is watching over her baby, and baby rhino is wallowing in the water. If you want to see such a rhino...

Sweet rhino

Cute rhino coloring book to print
Before you see another coloring page from the category of animals. And this animal is a small rhino which is found in Africa. Rhinos are distinguished most by the horn which grows...


rhino printable picture
This time we are also going to color an animal which is a rhino. If you have already seen a rhino at least once in your life, for example in a zoo...

Sad rhino

rhinoceros picture to print
This time, as you can see in the picture, this animal is not in the best mood today because it is sad. The reason why he is sad is because he is lost. The mammal...

Realistic rhino

rhino printable picture
I'm sure you've seen a live rhino at the zoo more than once, so you already know very well what it actually looks like. The picture you see before you...

Long body build but quite low height to a body weight result of about 2 tons is really an amazing and impressive result!

The feature that distinguishes the White Rhinoceros from other species is the two horn growths that grow one behind the other on the rectangular head of this mammal. The front horn, reaching a length of up to 1.5 meters, is found only in females. Their body has no hair, but is covered with a very thick layer of skin, which to the naked eye resembles an incredibly thick, indestructible armor that protects these animals from everyday harm that they may encounter while living in the wild. The only hair that we can see on the body of a rhino is the hair that grows over its ears, and we can also see it at the end of its tail.

The White Rhinoceros, otherwise known as the Broadbill, is a grazing species with very wide lips that allow it to grab a large amount of grass at one time. Because of this, his head is positioned a little lower to make it easier for him to grab whatever is growing on the ground. In turn his cousin called Narrow-mouthed has his head placed a little higher, he must reach into the trees because he feeds only on leaves. For this reason it has very sharply pointed lips with which it can precisely capture leaves.

In rhinos, pregnancy lasts as long as 16 months. A calf right after birth can weigh up to 65 kilograms! This is definitely the weight of an adult female, amazing! For the first months of its life, the young feeds on its mother's milk and does not leave her until it is about 3 years old. After that time when the female decides to get pregnant again and makes it clear, usually the youngster already starts to become independent.